Why the Enigmatic ‘Turks’ of South Carolina Still Struggle to Belong in America

For generations, a mysterious ethnic group was shunned, but new research sheds light on its Revolutionary War origins. By Dr. Glen Browder (above) and Terri Anne Ognibene (not pictured)Browder: Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Jacksonville State UniversityOgnibene: Spanish Teacher, Pope High School Sumter County is located in South Carolina’s midlands, about an hour and a[…]

The Safavid Empire of Late Medieval and Early Modern Persia

They cleverly allied themselves with European powers in order to protect themselves from the Ottomans. Introduction The Safavids were a native Iranian dynasty from Azarbaijan that ruled from 1501 to 1736, and which established Shi’a Islam as Iran’s official religion and united its provinces under a single Iranian sovereignty in the early modern period. This[…]

The Hellenistic Age

A mixed, cosmopolitan form of social and cultural life combining Hellenic (Greek) traditions with indigenous traditions emerged in the eastern Mediterranean region after Alexander’s conquests. Introduction The term Hellenistic (“Greek-like”) was invented in the nineteenth century A.D. to designate the period of Greek and Near Eastern history from the death of Alexander the Great in[…]