Fray Íñigo Abbad y Lasierra and the First Recorded History of Puerto Rico in 1788

While living in Puerto Rico he observed and recorded every day Puerto Rican life. Fray Íñigo Abbad y Lasierra (1745–1813), born in Estadilla, Spain, was a Benedictine monk and the first historian to extensively document Puerto Rico’s history, nationality, and culture. Abbad arrived in Puerto Rico in 1771 at age 26 as confessor and personal[…]

A History of Puerto Rico from the Pre-Columbian Era to Today

The history of the island of Puerto Rico (Rich Port) before the arrival of Christopher Columbus is not well known. Introduction Puerto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Spanish: Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico) is a self-governing unincorporated organized territory of the United States located east of the Dominican Republic in the northeastern[…]

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and the ‘Apotheosis of Homer’

The archaic Greek poet is conceived of as the wellspring from which the later Western artistic tradition flows. A Student of the Past Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (pronounced: aah-n Gr-ah) was Jacque-Louis David’s most famous student. And while this prolific and successful artist was indebted to his teacher, Ingres quickly turned away from him. For his inspiration,[…]

The Ancient Royal Macedonian Tombs at Vergina

A new generation of forensics has turned up surprising results and taken us closer to establishing just who was buried and when. Introduction Excavations at Vergina in northern Greece in the late 1970s CE unearthed a cluster of tombs thought to be the burial site of Philip II (r. 359-336 BCE), the father of Alexander[…]