Thriving on Adversity: The Art of Precariousness in Global Slum Survival

Can art be a credible space in which to foreground a potentially revolutionary coalition? Introduction Whilst in the expanding global slum survival at subsistance level is increasingly the only option, in the West the celebration of the creativity and ingenuity of the slum dweller is becoming fashionable. In a conflation of relational aesthetics with the[…]

From Suspicion to Solidarity?: Post-Critical Conversation and Literature

Examining ‘suspicious reading’ – allied reading – or reading in solidarity. By Stephen SquibbDoctoral Candidate in EnglishHarvard University The prefix ‘post-’ has, for some time, served as an intellectual gesture of enclosure, demarcating the limits of something in an effort to think around or beyond it. Post-modernism, post-structuralism, post-Marxism, or post-Newtonianism, to name but four[…]

Daily Life in the Ancient Byzantine Empire

The family one was born into in Byzantium greatly determined one’s social status and profession in adult life. Introduction Daily life in the Byzantine Empire, like almost everywhere else before or since, largely depended on one’s birth and the social circumstances of one’s parents. There were some opportunities for advancement based on education, the accumulation[…]