‘Breaking the Back of Polio’ with Dorothy Horstmann in the 1940s

Yale’s Dorothy Horstmann solved a puzzle that would lead to the first polio vaccines 65 years ago. Introduction Sixty-five years ago, following the largest public health trial in American history, a killed-virus polio vaccine developed by Jonas Salk, M.D., was found to be safe, potent and effective. The news set off a national celebration. Salk[…]

America Enters the Great War: Wilson’s Struggle Preparing the Nation for World War I

In his speech before Congress, Wilson laid out evidence of why the United States should now join its allies, Great Britain and France. Introduction On April 2, 1917, Washington buzzed with excitement. While “a soft fragrant rain of early spring” poured over the city, thousands of people clogged the streets and hotels; others stood near[…]