A History of the National Guard Responding to Civil Riots and Disturbances

The modern National Guard evolved from Colonial-era militias. Introduction The Pentagon has approved leaving 5,000 troops deployed indefinitely to protect the U.S. Capitol from domestic extremist threats, down from about 26,000 deployed after the Jan. 6 insurrection. The National Guard is a federally funded reserve force of the U.S. Army or Air Force based in[…]

Nativism and the Know-Nothing Party in the Nineteenth Century

From relative obscurity, the Know-Nothing Party became a powerful movement practically overnight. The Rise of Nativism in the United States By the 1850s, however, that small stream of immigrants had grown into a mighty river: famine and revolution in Europe drove unprecedented numbers of immigrants to American shores. More than five times as many people[…]

The House of Burgesses: The First (Not Really) Democratic Government in America

It is more accurate to define this assembly as the first English representational government in the North American colonies. Introduction The House of Burgesses (1619-1776 CE) was the first English representative government in North America, established in July 1619 CE, for the purpose of passing laws and maintaining order in the Jamestown Colony of Virginia[…]