An Early Copy of a 19th-Century Gay Rights Essay

John Addington Symonds, whose 1873 essay “A Problem in Greek Ethics” helped lay the foundation for the modern gay rights movement. By Dr. Katherine J. WuScience and Health ReporterThe New York Times With a title like “A Problem in Greek Ethics,” a text might, at first pass, sound like a Socratic snoozefest. But John Addington Symonds’[…]

A Farmer, a Gay Naval Surgeon, and Forward Thinking in 1810

A Yorkshire farmer argued in 1810 that homosexuality is innate and should not be punished. The diary entry by Matthew Tomlinson suggests that recognisably modern understandings of homosexuality were being discussed by ordinary people earlier than is commonly thought. Mr Tomlinson was a farmer at Dog House Farm, which is on the site where a[…]

Ancient Christianity’s Effect on Society and Gender Roles

All ancient communities had law codes or rules that dictated both public and private behavior. Introduction Christianity began as a sect of Judaism in Judea in the 1st century CE and spread to the cities of the Eastern Roman Empire and beyond. In these cities, non-Jews, Gentiles, wanted to join the movement, and these Gentile-Christians[…]

A Comparison of Ancient Roman and Greek Norms in Sexuality and Gender

The expectations and even the very way they defined terms such as ‘gender’ and ‘sexuality’ differed greatly from modern understanding. By Cody GoettingBowling Green State University Sex,sexuality, and gender norms continue to be a pressing matter in the modern political and social scene, with debates revolving around several important topics such as means of expression,[…]