Sur a la Libertad! – When Slaves Headed South to Freedom in Mexico

The flight of runaway slaves to Mexico is a chapter of history that is often overlooked or ignored. Introduction In a forgotten cemetery on the edge of Texas in the Rio Grande delta, Olga Webber-Vasques says she’s proud of her family’s legacy — even if she only just learned the full story. Turns out her[…]

A History of Slavery in Colonial New Spain and Afro-Mexican Identity

There are three main periods that describe the trajectory of African enslavement in New Spain from 1519 to 1827. By Jacqueline Galindo Valadez Overview Exploring the enslavement of Africans and their historical experiences/contributions, as well as Afro-Mexican’s current lived experiences centered on identity. It is critical to explore Afro-Mexicans’ legacies (both in the past and[…]

A History of Polar Bears in Art and Their Changing Symbolization

A fearsome predator? A fragile icon of impending extinction? What these arctic giants have stood for in art has continually evolved. Introduction Polar bears have long held visual artists in their thrall. Over time, the mythologies around these extraordinary animals have evolved – and so have the ways artists have depicted them in their work.[…]

A Lesson in Resilience from Ancient Dates

How 2,000-year-old date palm seeds were brought back to life, with recipes to make at home. By Yousra Rebbani What does an ancient date taste like? Scientists recently found out. Sarah Sallon, a doctor at the Natural Medicine Research Center in Hadassah, and Elaine Solowey, an expert in arid agriculture, wanted to see if they could[…]