A History of Alaska as a Russian Colony before Seward’s Folly

Mikhail Gvozdev’s trip in 1732 marked the first Russian contact with the American mainland, and with Alaska’s Native people. The Beginning of Exploration Near the end of the 15th century a remarkable new chapter in global history began. Several countries in Western Europe launched maritime expeditions of exploration, systematically sailing thousands of miles across the[…]

Francisco de Orellana’s Exploration of the Amazon in the 16th Century

On May 11, 1545, he left Spain with four ships, supplies to build 2 river boats, perhaps 300 men, at least 24 horses and his young wife. Introduction and Background Francisco de Orellana Bejarano Pizarro y Torres de Altamirano was a Spanish explorer and conquistador. He completed the first known navigation of the entire length of the Amazon River,[…]

How Did Humans Evolve, and Will We Evolve More?

Our biggest evolutionary advantages are an ability to walk on two legs and our big brains. By Dr. Evan SimonsPostdoctoral Research Associate in AnthropologyUniversity at BuffaloState University of New York Introduction Everything that is alive today has evolved, including human beings. Our ancestors evolved many traits that helped them survive in their environments, and we still[…]

Bonobos: Some Generous Apes and the Evolution of Human Kindness

Bonobos may help explain how humans evolved the capacity to be nice – at least some of the time. Introduction It’s feeding time at Lola ya Bonobo, a sanctuary for bonobos in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. “Allez,” caretaker Bernard Nsangu shouts in French as he gets ready to distribute a morning snack. The[…]

Which SkinCeuticals Product Is Best?

To have a good skincare routine, you need to use good skincare products. Your skin will look healthier if you use good quality skincare products. However, along with being completely ineffective, sub-standard skincare products can harm your skin. If you wish to discover some of the best products to use on your skin, browse SkinCeuticals products.[…]