Mother Art and the Politics of Care in the 1970s

How a 1970s feminist art group showed the value of hidden work. By Sarah WadeSpecial Collections ArchivistGetty Research Institute In 1977, the feminist group Mother Art staged performances in five laundromats across Los Angeles. Over the course of one wash and dry cycle, Mother Art artists hung their artworks on clotheslines and, against the hum[…]

Rosa Bonheur and Other Women Artists of the 19th-Century French Belle Époque

Records of the Parisian gallery Tedesco frères tell a story of commercial success. By Dr. Isabella Zuralski-YeagerSpecial Collections CataloguerGetty Research Institute French artist Rosa Bonheur is widely considered the most famous and commercially successful female painter of the 19th century. She gained international recognition as an animalier, or a painter of animals, and showed her[…]

Cicero and the Roman Civic Spirit in the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance

There has perhaps been no other philosophic writer whose thinking was as closely connected with the patterns of civic life as that of Cicero. Whoever studies the influence of Cicero on later generations, will be surprised by the variety of effects which were produced in history by this one figure. Although modem scholars have frequently[…]

The Sack of Rome under Charles V in 1527

For contemporaries, the sack was an “unbelievable spectacle and conflagration”. By Dr. John M. HuntAssistant Professor of Medieval and Early Modern HistoryUtah Valley University When night fell and the enemy entered Rome, we in the Castello, and most particularly myself, who has always delighted in seeing new things, stood there contemplating this unbelievable spectacle and[…]