Elements of Medieval Russian Life as Depicted in the Königsberg Chronicle

The manuscript starts with the beginning of the world and ends with the death of Konradin and Pope Nicolaus III. Its focus is the Holy Roman Empire. By John BeebeAuthorIvan Rezansky’s Adventures Overview One of my favorite medieval Russian manuscripts is the Radziwiłł Chronicle, also known as the Königsberg Chronicle. This book is considered to be[…]

A History of Medieval Novgorod

Novgorodian Rus’ and its inhabitants were much influenced by the Viking culture and people. Introduction The Novgorod Republic (several pronunciations and spellings)[1][2][3] was a medieval East Slavic state from the 12th to 15th centuries, stretching from the Gulf of Finland in the west to the northern Ural Mountains in the east, including the city of Novgorod and the Lake Ladoga regions of modern Russia. Citizens referred to their[…]

Ancient Genomes Trace the Origin and Decline of the Scythians

Despite evidence from external sources, little is known about Scythian history. Introduction Generally thought of as fierce horse-warriors, the Scythians were a multitude of Iron Age cultures who ruled the Eurasian steppe, playing a major role in Eurasian history. A new study published in Science Advances analyzes genome-wide data for 111 ancient individuals spanning the Central Asian[…]

An Historical Overview of the Ancient Scythians

Scythian government was more a confederation of tribes and chiefs. Introduction The Scythians were a nomadic people whose culture flourished between the 7th and 3rd century BCE in a territory ranging from Thrace in the west, across the steppe of Central Asia, to the Altai Mountains of Mongolia in the east. This covers an area around 2500[…]

How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Atlanta

By Cheryl Roy Workers’ compensation insurance is a safety net that every worker should benefit from but hopefully never have to use. However, if you have suffered a work-related injury, here is what you need to do to receive benefits. There are some variations specifically workers compensation rate between states for filing a workers’ compensation[…]