Past and Present: Religious ‘Dones’ and Lingering Faith

Religion affects how people regard qualities like benevolence, kindness, conformity and fairness even after they stop practicing religion. By Dr. Philip SchwadelProfessor of SociologyUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln By Dr. Sam HardyProfessor of PsychologyBrigham Young University Introduction Religion forms a moral foundation for billions of people throughout the world. In a 2019 survey, 44% of Americans – along with[…]

Let’s Think about “Thinking” Before We Teach “Critical Thinking”

Learning outcomes are tied explicitly to subject matter, but they can also be used to integrate critical thinking goals. By Dr. Elizabeth SticeAssociate Professor of HistoryPalm Beach Atlantic University Advocates for the liberal arts often emphasize their role in fostering critical thinking. But how often do we think critically about how we hope to achieve[…]

Listen and Learn: 7 States Banning Atheists from Public Office

A refusal to remove outdated language from state Constitutions perpetuates prejudice. By Kristina M. LeePh.D. Student in RhetoricColorado State University Introduction Tennessee’s Constitution includes a provision that bars three groups from holding office: atheists, ministers and those engaging in duels. Efforts are under way in the state legislature to remove this exclusion for ministers, but not for[…]

Broken Mirrors and Bad Luck: How Did the Superstition Start and Why Does It Still Exist?

In both ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, reflected images were thought to hold mysterious powers. By Dr. Barry MarkovskyDistinguished Professor Emeritus of SociologyUniversity of South Carolina Introduction Every human culture has superstitions. In some Asian societies people believe that sweeping a floor after sunset brings bad luck, and that it’s a curse to leave chopsticks[…]

Featured Scholar: Thomas Coleman on Atheism, Nonreligion, and Life Meaning

Atheists and theists differ on the source of life’s meaning but share having meaning itself. Curated/Reviewed by Matthew A. McIntoshPublic HistorianBrewminate About Thomas Coleman Thomas J. Coleman III graduated with a Master of Science in Psychology in August 2016 from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Currently, he is continuing his education as a Psychology Ph.D.[…]

The Separation of Christianity from Judaism in the Second Century CE

Some Jews accepted the claim that Jesus was their messiah, while the majority did not. By Dr. Rebecca DenovaEmeritus Professor of Early ChristianityUniversity of Pittsburgh Introduction In the mid-2nd century CE, Christianity began a gradual process of identity-formation that would lead to the creation of a separate, independent religion from Judaism. Initially, Christians were one of many groups of Jews[…]

Forex Broker LBLV – Rating 2021, Information, Customer Reviews

Effective trading depends on the approach of the trader, assuming the optimal working environment. LBLV offers its clients an innovative trading platform, a wide range of instruments, and comprehensive support from highly qualified specialists. We suggest studying the broker’s offer in more detail. The trading terminal according to the latest trends For trading on the[…]