6 Video Games That Can Boost Your Kid’s Mental Health In 2021

Parenting is such a journey for most people. Every parent has a responsibility to ensure their children are healthy both physically and mentally. Well, when it comes to ensuring your kids grow up mentally healthy, a lot of options come in line. You can put your kids on a healthy diet, enroll them in better schools, and monitor their activities and technology exposure.

Today, most parents are taking another route to help kids improve their IQ and boost mental health. With the ongoing studies proving that playing video games plays a significant role in improving mental health, parents are left with no option but to introduce their kids to video games. While playing online slots on your phone, you should not forget to search for the best video games your child should play at home to improve their memory. These include:

1. Minecraft 

If your kid is below eight years, introducing him to Minecraft is the best thing you can do to boost his memory. Minecraft has been one of the most inspiring video games for a kid for years now.

The game is popular with kids because of its well-made design and versatility. Kids can play Minecraft in different ways, making it one of the best video games. The games come with options for combat, exploration, crafting, and resource gathering. This means every kid can find something they like most when playing Minecraft at home.

2. The Legend of Zelda 

This is one of the latest and most popular kids’ games today. The legend of Zelda is an action-adventure video game that your kids will enjoy. If your kids love exploration, this is the right video game you should introduce them to this holiday. 

Most journalists and gamers consider the legend of Zelda as the best of all time. It has received different honors, including the Game of the Year award, which makes it the best you can have for your kids. The game is an open adventure that encourages your kids to explore, discover new things, and experiment. The Zelda series stands out from the rest of the kids’ games. It is a landmark game in its rights. You can play the legend of Zelda with your kids, which makes it even better.

3. Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is the first 3D game launched by Nintendo. Scientists have shown that playing this video game helps to increase grey matter. This is the brain region responsible for creativity, memory, information organization, motor skills, and spatial orientation.

This kid video game has also set the standards for 3D games that may follow after it. The game is not that complicated, and kids can easily pick it up. It is fun and easy to explore. Kids can learn a lot and explore different places when playing this game. 

4. Kerbal Space Program 

If your kid looks forward to becoming an astronaut, the Kerbal Space program is the best video game they should play while at home. This video game is all about space administration. In this game, players learn to build space ships and how to launch them into space. 

The game touches almost every aspect of space exploration, which encourages kids passionate about rocket science to live their dreams. Kerbal Space Programtouches on various facets of real space exploration. 

Your kids can learn one or two things in mathematics, aerospace physics, and engineering. This game encourages creativity, experimentation, and growth of mindset, just like Minecraft does.

5. Rabbids Coding 

Rabbids Coding is another popular kid video game by Ubisoft. In this game, your kid can learn basic coding skills. The game introduces players to coding by requiring them to create some simple coding algorithms. Once the player creates a simple algorithm, they can find their way through various game obstacles. The game does not require any coding basics, and kids can enjoy the logic puzzles in the game, thereby boosting their memory. 

Even when your kids cannot understand the basic concepts in algorithms, programming, and outputs, Rabbits Coding is still a favorite game to introduce them to the coding world. If your kid is interested in computers and programming, this is the best video game you should introduce them to this year. 

6. Epistory 

We all need to have the best keyboarding skills to improve productivity at the workplace. However, coaching your kid on keyboarding can be challenging if you don’t have something to spice the lessons. Epistory makes it easier for young kids to learn basic keyboarding skills. This video game also helps kids to learn how to type and gain some essential keyboarding skills. 

The game takes players to a fantasy land of adventure alongside a young girl and her fox. By typing faster, players can solve some tricky puzzles and tackle monsters along the way. As players progress, the young girl’s adventure’s adventure unfolds, which makes the video game more interesting.

Final Thoughts 

Playing video games helps children develop a better memory and become more creative. By playing video games, a student can improve their hand-mind coordination, keyboarding skills, and communication. Parents should introduce their kids to these video games to improv.



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