7 Fun Games That Will Keep Your Mind Sharp

Have you known anyone to enjoy studying? More often than not, studying (or work) can never be described as fun. So what can you do when you’re looking for an enjoyable way to get smarter? It’s easy; you play games. Turns out, you can significantly boost your brainpower if you play the right games. So, for the times when you want to boost your cognitive functions without suffering throughout the whole ordeal, here are 7 fun games that will keep your mind sharp. 

1. Card Games

There are dozens of card games out there designed to boost brainpower. Whether you’re looking for calculations, memory, strategy, problem-solving, or all of the above, you can unlock the full potential of your brain by playing card games. You’ll just have to be patient enough to learn how to play the game. For starters, you can play a game of estimation to get your mind running and calculations sharp. To add to the difficulty of the game, learn how to play bridge, and improve your attention, strategic thinking, memory, and partnership all at once. If facing risks makes you a better player, then you can’t forget about poker and blackjack.

2. Backgammon

Few games compete with backgammon when it comes to calculations and strategic thinking. Although a big part of it is left up to your luck, even having lady luck herself as your guardian angel won’t get you far if your brain isn’t into the game. There are many different versions of backgammon played across the globe, each having its own difficulty level. A standard game of backgammon will rely heavily on your strategic thinking and quick calculations, and more advanced levels will add to that finding quick and smart ways to hinder your opponent. 

3. Chess

If there’s one game that can be up to par with backgammon, then it’s chess (or checkers), hands down. Also, relying on your strategic thinking skills, chess is a game of patience and calculations. You have hundreds of possible moves in which you can either win or lose, and that takes a lot of calculations. To make it even more difficult, you have to predict your opponent’s moves at the same time; hence the complicated strategy making. A game of chess is best played with an advanced and smart player so you can truly experience the essence of the game – but don’t be too rash and go for advanced games until you get the hang of the game. To improve your odds and up your game, you can memorize a few strategies first.

4. Word Games

In an alternate universe, some people like nothing more than experimenting with their vocabulary. If you’re one of those unique individuals, then word games are a must-play for you. Games like Words with Friends and Scrabble are based on the idea of making words out of scattered letters, which demand a sharp mind and a vivid vocabulary and memory. Just as the word-players from UnscrambleX.com suggest, you can learn your way up the game by following different hacks and cheats. For instance, using a word-unscrambler, which gives you all the different combinations of the same letters, will significantly improve both your vocabulary and scoreboard. 

5. Number Games

If those who enjoy word games are a selected few, then there are even fewer individuals with a knack for number games. For these mathematics geniuses, playing number games like sudoku or bingo can be the ultimate pass-time. Moreover, these games make for an excellent exercise of problem-solving, calculations, and analytical skills. 

6. Puzzles

Puzzles are great for so many reasons, the most significant of which is that it can be in any form. Puzzles can be presented in the form of a written piece, a visual picture, a mathematical equation, or even an outdoor activity where you have to reach a certain objective. Better yet, you can spend hours trying to solve a puzzle by playing a role-playing game online, much like escape rooms. Speaking of escape rooms, they are the ultimate puzzle game experience, which you can even play as a group.

7. Memory Games

Do you often walk into the kitchen and forget what you wanted to do? Do you find yourself misplacing your keys and cards, and then spend hours looking for them? If so, then you definitely need to play some memory games to strengthen the memory center in your brain. Memory games can be in the form of spotting the differences between two pictures, redrawing a diagram, or retracing a certain pattern. 

The human brain is just every other muscle in the body. If you fail to train it properly, it starts deteriorating and slowing down with time. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to work and academic content to keep your brain active and sharp. It would do you wonders to play games that improve your cognitive functions instead, and your options are diverse!



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