A Beatnik Glossary – I Can Dig It




The glossary entries:

Angel = One who pays the bill

Axe = Musical instrument

Beat = Way of life for a select few Thank God!

Beatnik = One who lives like there’s no tomorrow

Beatkel =Tourist

Blow the Jets = To become angry

Bread = money

Bugged = bothered

Beatsville, Swinsville = a good place (for beatniks)

Blast the Edison = Turn off the lights

Bent Brummel = Bow Tie

Barrelsville = Las Vegas

Cat = Cool Jazz musician

Cool = Wonderful, he who enjoys without showing emotion

Crazy = good beatnik, accepted

Cube = worse than square, strict conformity

Chick = single girl

Chicken = engaged girl

Plucked chicken = married woman

Cover = lingerie

Make with cover = to get dressed

Cheap creep = freeloader

Cave = office

Can the lip = stop talking

Cyclops = eye glasses

Cool it = slow down

Crazy quilt = new dress

To “Cherry Tree” = to lie

Dad, Daddy O = Term of affection

Dullsville = unpleasant place

Dig = to understand

Dummy up = shut up

The End = the most wonderful

Face = identification

Freebee = freeloader

Flat = analyst’s couch

Fuzz = police, federal agents

Fall in = to enter

Fall on = rough an individual up

Fall out = to leave, exit

Flick = motion picture

Goat = beard, goatee

A groove = a thrilling exciting thing to do

A groovie = one who understands the swing of things

A gas = something wonderful

Gone = really with it, swinging

Ginchiest = the greatest

Galaxy = one’s circle of friends, group

Germsville = hospital

Cooney roost = library

George change = change for a dollar

Graveyard = deadbeat

Hip = to be with it, to understand

Hipster = best character, musician

Hootenanny = a wild beat party

To feel hairy = to feel good

Handcuffs = parents

Head shrinker = psychoanalyst

To be high = enjoying oneself

Men house = security house

Hustling Hershey = ex

The Horn = the telephone

An Ivy = suit of clothes

Ivy tower = university, college

Iron pile up = getaway

Hot iron = a gun

Icck = a bow tie

Jazz = music, collection of items

Jazzing = to make love

Juice = liquor

Juicehead = one who drinks

Juiceman = bartender

Johns, Long Johns = trousers

Kick sticks = cigarettes

King’s jive = English language

Kookie = wild character

Knuckles to the creep = to do physical harm to someone

The Lama = the leader of the group

Later = goodbye

Leathers = shoes

Large charge = double drinks

A mazda = a very hip person

Moo juice = milk

Moo goo = butter

To make = accomplish an action

Moss, moss = etc. etc.

A mickey mouse = a wrist watch

Murgatroid = an outcast, a square, a dope

Money run = very easy, ordinary

Muscle cats = rock and roll-ers

Nadaville = nowhere, dull place

Orbs = eyes

Our St. Beatnik = Santa Claus

Off the wall = very far out, extremely unusual

Pad = apartment

Pick up on = to dig, to understand

Pucker palace = drive in movie

Rags = sportswear

Short trip to Rio = coffee break

Hot or Cool Rod = nice automobile

Fuzz rod = police car

Swinging = one who is with it

Swinging like sixteen = really wild

Shades = sun glasses

Swings in squareville = inferiority complex

Squaresville iron = jail

Squaresville peep = police line up

Stable = garage

Stable the iron = park the car

Solo flight = going stag

Snagged stag = going steady

Shake it = forget it

Soco = social conscience

Slides = photograph records

Squatchel = love making

Turn up the stereo = listen to me

Torniquette = wedding ring

Twin trees = high heels

Thrill pills = benzadene, dexidrine

Tough toenails = very difficult

Tuned in = with it

Vitamin village = grocery store

A Washington = a dollar bill

A words = an attorney

Way out = unusual

Wild = terrific, unusual

To wail = to have a good time, to play a tune well

Whistleburg = Centre where many girls pass by

Wasteland = far away