A Smoker’s Guide to the Best Types of Pipes

Did you know that tens of millions of Americans consider themselves to be regular cannabis consumers? With marijuana becoming legalized in many states, the plant is now mainstream.

One of the classic methods of smoking marijuana is by using a pipe. What are hand pipes and what are the best pipes for smoking weed? Here are some of the types of pipes that you should consider for your next smoking session.

Glass Pipe

One of the most well-known and best pipes for smoking has to be the quintessential glass pipe. It is fun, portable, and relatively easy to use when you want to get high by yourself or with a group of friends.

Glass pipes can vary in design, size, and price point, but they are also highly customizable. There are so many options available that you should not have a problem finding a pipe that suits your smoking needs. Most glass pipes include a carb, which you can hold down with your finger while you inhale the smoke.

The chillium can be one of the best pipes for smoking marijuana. This type of glass pipe is unique because it does not include a carb, so it is best for smoking small amounts of weed a little bit at a time.

Clay Pipe

Another popular choice for smoking weed is the clay pipe. This is a great piece if you enjoy hand pipes, as they can easily be held so you are more in control during your smoking session.

You can also create your own clay pipes if you want to get more creative. You should buy non-toxic clay so that you do not have issues with inhaling weed from the pipe. Purchase non-toxic glazes that you can use to customize your clay pipe to your liking.

After you have designed your pipe, you can fire it so that the clay does not get exposed to moisture. This will also set the design and make the pipe much easier to use without worrying about breakage.

Corn Cob Pipe

When you think of smoking pipes, there is no doubt that the classic corn cob pipe comes to mind. Although this is one of the more humble options, it can provide a lighter and more pleasant experience when smoking.

A corn cob pipe is also one of the cheapest pipes that you can buy. If you are on a budget, you can enjoy marijuana with a simple corn cob pipe. Even if you do not inhale as much, you may still find yourself higher than you anticipate.

So Many Types of Pipes

When choosing what to smoke cannabis with, you should not have to worry about getting the ultimate experience. With these types of pipes, you can find something that works best for your smoking habit and is also stylish and comfortable.

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