March 27, 2016

Hawaii Results Complete Landslide for a ‘Sanders Super Saturday’ (VIDEO)


Senator Bernie Sanders speaking at a campaign rally in Madison, Wis. / Scott Olson, Getty Images

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.27.2016:

Sen. Sanders won the Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii caucuses yesterday by the following margins, picking up 55 delegates over Clinton’s 20:


Sanders – 73%
Clinton – 27%


Sanders – 82%
Clinton – 18%


Sanders – 71%
Clinton – 29%

These victories bring the total pledged delegate count to 1,243 for Clinton and 975 for Sanders.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper last night, Sanders said his campaign would, as the polls have consistently confirmed, perform much better than Clinton.  He said, “We would perform much better among millions of Independents, many of whom are uncomfortable voting for Hillary Clinton.”

The panel on CNN’s “Inside Poltiics” this morning continued to dismiss Sanders as someone deserving of Clinton’s attention as a serious opponent for the Democratic nomination and more as the presumed losing candidate who can make Hillary a better rival for Donald Trump.

As support Sanders continues to swell, this narrative will have to change.  More Sanders victories by wide margins will force the media to begin treating him as the serious candidate he has proven to be.

The crown they have been fitting to her head is dangling, and their desperation to hold it up shows in their coverage with each victory he earns.

Full rally in Madison, Wisconsin