How a Huguenot Philosopher Realized that Atheists Could Be Virtuous

Comet critique; the case for moral atheists. The Great Comet of 1577 by Jiri Daschitzsky. / Wikimedia Commons For centuries in the West, the idea of a morally good atheist struck people as contradictory. By Dr. Michael W. Hickson / 09.18.2018 Assistant Professor of Philosophy Trent University For centuries in the West, the idea of[…]

Two Kingdoms in the Third Reich

Adolph Hitler greets members of the clergy at a rally Lecture by Dr. Alec Ryrie at Barnard’s Inn Hall / 03.09.2017 Professor of Theology and Religion, Dunham University Visiting Professor of Religion, Gresham University I have given a series of lectures on ‘extreme Christianity’, and it does not get much more extreme than this. You[…]