The Ancient Peruvian Moche Royal Tombs of Sipán

The tombs were found almost completely undisturbed. A Golden Discovery In 1987, Peruvian archaeologist Walter Alva received a tip from the police that local villagers had discovered gold in one of the huacas (a term for ancient sacred sites used widely in Peru) and were looting artifacts at the site of Huaca Rajada in the town of Sipán, near[…]

A Supernatural Paracan Bird Mantle from Ancient Peru

Heads are a frequent motif appearing in all phases of Paracas art, and severed human heads have been found within some of their burials. By Dr. Mary BrownArt Historian The Transcendent Bird Birds and winged creatures have often been tasked with duties of great symbolic importance in human culture. From harpies to storks, interfacing with[…]

An Introduction to the Paracas of Ancient Peru

Paracans had the means to support a rich culture and forge reciprocal trade relationships with other Early Horizon highland cultures. By Dr. Mary BrownArt Historian Sand and Sea Imagine living in the driest desert on earth located next to the richest ocean on earth. How would these extremes shape social and religious life? What kind[…]