Poem – Meeting My Younger Self

Bina Gupta / 03.10.2016 Reacquainting With my younger self I looked at ‘her’ face Full of rampant Curiosity Then In a withering tone Asked “You whose head stayed Buried in books twenty four Seven when not running wildly Outdoors….has fate met All those secretly nourished desires you’d romantically Purloined from your Romantic, witty heroines? She[…]

A Vietnamese-American Man Captures the US Immigrant Experience in Poetry

Poet and essayist Ocean Vuong was born in Saigon and raised in Hartford, Connecticut. Credit: Peter Bienkowski By Joyce Hackel / 04.16.2016 Listen to Hackel’s Story from PRI.org Vietnamese-American poet Ocean Vuong remembers the start of his immigrant experience, when on his first night in America he squeezed into a tiny, unfurnished Connecticut apartment with six relatives and[…]