Wittenberg Influences on the Reformation in Scandinavia

Wittenberg was the most important source of inspiration for the Reformation in both of the Scandinavian kingdoms.    By Dr. Simo Heininen (left) and Dr. Otfried Czaika (right) / 08.01.2012 Heininen: Professor of Theology, University of Helsinki Czaika: Professor of Church History, Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society Introduction Wittenberg was the most important source of[…]

The Scandinavians ‘Hitchhiked’ Their Way to the Boons of Empire

Plantation H√łgensborg on St Croix in the former Danish West Indies (1833) / Wikimedia Commons By Miles Macallister / 01.31.2018 PhD Canidate in History Princeton University For many of the most successful imperialist countries, empire was just not worth the trouble. Scandinavian monarchies in the 17th and 18th centuries endeavoured to build empires that would[…]