Belief in Supernatural Beings is Totally Natural – and False

Craig Cloutier/Flickr/Creative Commons By Dr. Stephen Law / 12.15.2015 Philosopher and Author Centre for Inquiry Human beings are remarkably prone to supernatural beliefs and, in particular, to beliefs in invisible agents – beings that, like us, act on the basis of their beliefs and desires, but that, unlike us, aren’t usually visible to the naked eye. Belief in[…]

Religions in Post-Secular Societies

Photo by Matthew Fearnley, Flickr, Creative Commons Religions offer an important cultural background for societies all over the world. In post-war Europe, however, religions have seemingly lost at least their public role. By Dr. Michael R. Reder / 08.23.2012 Director of the Joy Shechtman Mankoff Center for Teaching & Learning Connecticut College Of Religion and Secularization[…]