August 21, 2017

Closing Time: GOP Hints of Beginning to Push for Trump to Resign

By Evan Sarzin / 08.19.2017

It’s one thing when former Vice President and ex-officio former President-elect Al Gore called for the future ex-President to resign. It’s quite another when, the following day, two GOP Senators – prospective jurors in any impeachment proceeding – smacked him on the snout, saying that he has demonstrated a lack of the moral authority to be President. It says that he has lost the Senate. Now, the only thing standing between him and impeachment is a House full of vulnerable candidates who will be running in 2018. Rupert Murdoch has jumped ship. Steve Bannon is working his exit strategy.

If he doesn’t resign it may be forced on him. With Nixon, a unanimous Supreme Court ruling forcing him to disgorge his tapes was the final blow. Trump is not in obvious legal jeopardy, as was Nixon. Still, he has alienated many of his allies, and has given no coverage to his team. He has appalled many of those who voted for him. He is a lame duck, six months into his administration.

He risks starting wars along the 38th parallel and the Mason-Dixon line.

As Trump will admit, he is not an experienced politician. He knows how to lie, he just doesn’t know when. People say he is impulsive, unable to contain himself. In Tuesday’s return to Trump Tower, after delivering a short statement on infrastructure, he was goaded into further discussion of the fallout from Charlottesville. No doubt his staff had prepared him but he couldn’t contain himself. It tripped a circuit breaker in his head, and sparks flew out of his mouth. That would not have happened with a disciplined politician. A seasoned pro would have stuck to the script. He can’t do it, and doesn’t want to do it.

There’s blood in the water. The nobles are fleeing. The generals are ignoring his commands and publicly rebuking him. The Senators are meeting in the Capitol’s recesses. Mike Pence is getting fitted for Air Force One flight jacket. Plots are being hatched, and people are positioning themselves for regicide if he does not go quietly.

Here’s the deal. He won’t quit unless it’s clear that he will lose his fortune or the children their fortunes or liberty. Impeachment won’t happen. Besides, it would take too long. As for the GOP, time is against them. The longer it takes to make the change in the White House, the worse their chances in 2018’s House election. So, do you wonder which lucky party leader will get to say, “You’re fired.” My guess is that he’ll have a Kentucky drawl on his tongue and a smirk on his face.