Common Technology Problems and How to Fix Them

Experts predict that AI will generate $2.9 trillion worth of business during 2021. This is a remarkable statistic by any standards.

It’s especially noteworthy considering that AI was an impossibly advanced concept less than ten years ago.

This is just one example of how quickly technology has grown and how it permeates our daily existence. The widespread use of tech to simplify our lives isn’t without its problems though.

Today we’re exploring some of the technology problems that you could encounter in your daily life, and how to fix them. 

Poor Internet

Poor internet performance is one of the most common complaints among users of the worldwide web.

While this is partly due to our ever-increasing need for instant solutions to everything and simple impatience, it can also have some legitimate causes. 

These are:

  • Junk software running in the background
  • Incorrect network settings
  • Cookies and temporary internet files
  • Bad cable or phone lines

Often the solution to your internet woes is good housekeeping. Keep your computer free of viruses, and clear up junk by running a cleaner program regularly and deleting unnecessary temporary files. 

It’s a good idea to ask for expert help in upgrading your internet services. A suitably qualified technician can help you find the best solution in your area.

Sluggish Laptop Performance

All laptops slow down over time. This slow speed may result from decreasing hard drive space, malware, or even equipment failure. 

There are a few ways you can tackle your laptop’s speed issues. One of the most common solutions is to reduce the items that open and run when you start up your laptop. 

Another fix is to remove programs that you don’t use, or running a virus and malware scan. 

You can remove unused programs by running the disk cleanup function that comes with most laptops. 

Your Laptop Shuts Down or Overheats

Since we move our laptops around a lot, they tend to collect dust and dirt as we go along. We’re all guilty of leaving our laptops open overnight too.

Excessive dust build-up causes your laptop to work harder when it’s in operation, which in turn leads to overheating and causes your laptop to shut down.

To avoid these problems, only use your laptop on cool, hard surfaces. Don’t operate your laptop in situations where the fan’s blocked off from taking in air. 

This usually happens if you work with it on your lap or while in bed. To be safe, clean out your laptop fan with compressed air regularly. 

Look here for more specific solutions to your MacBook Pro overheating

Short Battery Life

Short battery life defeats the object of owning a laptop. There’s nothing worse than losing a document you’ve been working on for hours due to your laptop shutting down. 

If your laptop’s battery seems to be giving up the ghost a lot quicker than it used to, you should try the following fixes:

  • Check that all your connectors and cables fit snugly
  • Drain your battery completely and then charge your laptop

If none of these DIY tech solutions work, you may need to replace your battery. 

Your Laptop’s Screen Is Blank 

The dreaded black screen is more common than you think. If you leave your laptop for a few minutes and you return to find that the screen’s blank there are things you can do.

Don’t panic. Before you go scurrying to the store for a new laptop, try this. 

  1. Unplug the laptop and pull the battery out
  2. Hold down the power button for 30 to 60 seconds
  3. Plug the laptop in
  4. Reboot 
  5. Shut down again
  6. Replace the battery
  7. Reboot

If this doesn’t work, try shining a torch on the screen. If you can make out what’s displayed there, your laptop’s backlight has gone. 

You can get around this by using an external monitor but you’ll eventually have to get it repaired. 

A Noisy Laptop

Is your laptop working fine, except it’s emitting an irritating metallic grinding noise.

That’s not normal and can indicate a serious problem. Save all your files, switch off your laptop, and get a professional to look at it.

The two main reasons behind these sounds are a faulty fan or a failing hard drive. Both these issues can cause your laptop to fail, so get expert help as fast as you can. 

Other Technology Problems

Most of the technical problems we face today have to do with laptops and PCs, but tech affects many other areas of our life too.

Smart technology pervades our homes, it helps us keep track of our daily tasks, simplifies routine jobs, and helps us keep our homes secure.

Some of the most common home tech problems include:

Devices Not Working Together

When your smart home devices don’t gel automatically, you might find yourself with more complications than you had before you installed them.

The solution is to invest in a smart home hub. Web services like IFTTT or Stringify help create a central control point for all these devices.

Smart Device Batteries Draining Too Fast

Most smart gadgets rely on Wi-Fi to operate effectively. A poor Wi-Fi signal means they’ll drain their batteries faster while constantly searching for a signal. 

Take a look at the settings of your device. You may find ways to optimize how they work with Wi-Fi. 

Deleting features that you don’t use can also help prolong your battery life. 

More Modern Day Issues

We live in a complex and ever-changing world, where previously unheard-of issues like technology problems pervade everyday life. 

If you’d like to ruminate on some more daily issues, grab a cuppa, pull up a chair, and browse some more. Our blog features plenty of interesting topics to feed curious minds.



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