April 5, 2016

Does Trump Plan a Genocide of the Mexican People? Mrs. Trump, Too?


By Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes


This comes from WaPo early this morning…

Donald Trump says he will force Mexico to pay for a border wall as president by threatening to cut off the flow of billions of dollars in payments that immigrants send home to the country, an idea that could decimate the Mexican economy and set up an unprecedented showdown between the United States and a key diplomatic ally. In a two-page memo to The Washington Post, Trump outlined for the first time how he would seek to force Mexico to pay for his 1,000-mile border fence…”

Just this then: just from personal eye-witness from years of mission to the poor, disadvantaged, ill and needy; many, many Mexicanos are utterly poor and with no work or little income, and are often also dealing with the aftereffects still of the conquest, which many years ago, as in our United States, stripped the Native people of nearly all their lands, and thereby much of their sustenance crops and more. Much horrendous more including nonstop rapes, torture, the Mexican Inquisition …

which included killing Conversos [Jews] as well as Native people who didnt Catholic up very well, and literal enslavement, sex trafficking and murder and execution.

Most of the lands and resources of Mexico [ not to mention Central and South America] belong to the fabulously rich and landed. The rich are a tiny minority. Mexico is a land of great hearts, huge talents, and many many oppressed and neglected poor. Meaning people who are often already in food scarcity, inability to pay to go to school, meaning grade school, who cannot pay for effective medicines, hospitalizations or treatments. Not for the babies. Not for the children. Not for the mommies and daddies, not for the elders.

Trump’s idea to stop the flow of money from often hard scrabble and hard rock laborers in the US … money sent home to help to keep the family LITERALLY alive, will absolutely, undeniably,and irrevocably cost lives. Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, setting families already marginally nourished into widespread famine.

How does one murder an entire group of persons? By targeting them? Cut off their meager resources and how do they die? They die from No food. No heat. No clean water. Inadequate shelter. Preventable disease. For all those cost money. Money the poor, in and of themselves, do not have.

How can Trump murder an entire group of people? To cut off supplemental money so they have no access to needed, critical medicines. No doctor. No critical surgeries. No pr-enatal care. All these cost money that the poor of Mexico do not have. Except for their relatives who send money home…

Trump apparently doesnt care that in the early 1900s was the same situation, and throughout the 20th century… with scouts from the mining industry in the US at the turn of the 20th century, going to the small villages of Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ireland and other nations– and enticing the young men and young women to come work in the USA mines and to work as servants… telling them they could send money home and keep their impoverished families alive.

And that THAT is part of the deepest decent history of America… KEEPING PEOPLE ALIVE in poorest villages across the world, by employing their young as ‘workers,’ by making a bargain: work hard in the USA and you can send money home to ease the lives of your family– who without you, have little to nothing to live on.

And Mrs. Trump,

      another day, let us write about her brash bragging of ‘you hit him [Trump], he hits you back TEN times as hard.’ Let us talk about her kind of blatant intemperance also– the kind she grew up in regarding her birth in Yugoslavia/then Slovenia, in a part that was Nazi-held [prior to her birth in 1970; she’s a middle aged woman of age 45 at the moment] and that fought on the Nazi side throughout WWII…

and that was then dominated by Tito and by Stalin post-war, then the vicious post-Stalin Communists including Tito, throughout her growing up years.

Those who grew up under Communism, depending on whom they were connected to, or not…often suffered greatly, especially the poor, but also the teachers and educators, the holy people and the artists and inventors, the families who had no resource but many many broken promises from the commandantes. And many who were young during that time, along with some being recruited as secret informers for decades in that part of the world, became downtrodden–

and their hopes for a better life promised by the ‘work collective ethic’ so highly touted, did not, for most, appear.

Even though those at the top of the pile often had their dachas at the waterfront, and their ‘better’ apartments in a building rather than in a hut, the ability to continue as tradesmen.

There is in post trauma psychology the concept of the bitter and retaliatory personality that comes from years of being lied to under a dictatorship or an imprisonment. Many under communism, suffered such. The wounds are deep, and power is sometimes retained by looking to punish others, to have complete control over others. This is a flimsy and false sense of power that is more bark than bite sometimes [although it can be vicious and deeply injurious to others as a threat, let alone carrying such through]

…but to the person, driven to crow and bellow about how others will NOT get away with whatever, for the punisher had to suffer and now so will everyone else. It is an illness, that comes from deep wounding and learned helplessness. And letting bitterness overtake decency, inflation of ego overtaking humane action.

We can talk too about the HUGE ethnic cleansing in what would become Mrs. Trump’s part of the world at the end of and after WWII [before she was born] that amounted to literally millions of people being marched and starved to death as they were deported for the crime of having ‘some German blood’ according to the 1940 census, even though most across E. Eu who were ethnically cleansed by various dictators including those dominated Yugoslavia, that is, ALL financial resource cut off, the people literally starved, all shelter taken from them– they who had not seen Germany for more than 100+ years after their immigration/ diaspora.

They had come to Yugoslavia and the part that would eventually be called Slovenia, to farm, to work… to live. And to let live. And instead, because of utterly inhumane and evil Communist “policies’ they were cut off from any help whatsoever. And died. So easily, they died. Millions. And their descendants, incidentally are now stirring, and have begun to tell the stories of the utter degradation and killing of an innocent people.

Books are being published just in the last three years about this ‘secret’ of Yugoslavia and other E.Eu nations [one book nominated for a Pulitzer] who helped to murder the millions in ethnic cleansing from 1945 until past the end of the fall of the Soviet Union when the Kremlin flag was lowered at Moscow in 1991. [Mrs Trump was 21 years old then].

And the end of Communism, as we know did not mean the end of communist attitudes and power struggles at local levels to go on as before and to try to control a people, so called newly free, but in actuality, many many were left with NO resources, for the entire work state and flow of supplies and food had fallen apart in many parts of each former USSR nation. So, another travail for the already poor in addition to being dictated to about one’s entire life.

And, as we know too by report, some escaped harshness, for they had assets, all the way from physcial to personality, to talent, to ‘connections’. And these sometimes meant that things went far better for those than for the ones who had nothing and no exploitable features or assets.

Where does this idea of cutting off the money to be sent home by workers in the US, so that their families will NOT survive? WHERE does such an idea come from? Follow history, personal history. And the answer is right there, often in broad daylight.

We know just from living through it ourselves in our time in the USA, {Pearl and 911, Auschwitz, Treblinka, Dachau, the murders of the ethnic tribal groups in Yugoslavia, the routing and rampant murders of Native people, Chinese exlusion act, to name several] that great wounds are not all wrapped up and healed in a decade or ten afterward. That what occurred even before we were born, and as we were growing up, can still walk and talk, and influence greatly as to our loyalties, our revulsions and sometimes…

a deep unmitigated desire to punish others … who are innocent– to punish and punish, except for one’s own who regardless are exempt in some brand of displaced idea of ‘loyalty’.

Persons living under a dictator, we know again from psychological studies, sometimes fall into an ‘identification with the oppressor,’ and because a depth of understanding and healing was never applied for nor reached, that one can, without looking at oneself, call down murder on others about as easily as lighting a match and blowing it out.

Does Donald Trump know he is speaking genocide? Mrs. Trump as well in all her overly-emphatic and theatrical Tanya/Patty Hurst-like posturing. But wouldnt one think a ‘presidential’ contender would know the genocidal effect of their latest dreampt up threats to ‘force’ the Mexican government to be extorted to pay money for an egregious idea that cannot be allowed to stand; one that uses the currency of THREATENING TO KILL innocents…

      [no doubt as a ‘collateral damage’ as Timothy McVey the Oklahoma terrorist put it, regarding his murders of children and babies whom he knew were in the Murrah building when he blew it up] in order to fulfill Trump’s personal fantasy of another government [meaning an entire nation of people] paying for a wall– of Death.*

Genocide of an innocent people is completely unacceptable in every place on earth, in every heart on earth, except hell. And the demons who thrive there.

* There is already so much death in Mexico and at the border–and in our nation, of innocents, that one would think Trump would weep rather than grandstand … regarding ANY ethnic group suffering under undeserved opprobrium painted with a brush the size of Toledo–
rather than attempt to … dictate ….to all others to preen one’s personal craving for an inflated sense of selfhood.