Examining the Ways in Which America Is Putting Up a Fight against the Coronavirus

Humankind’s battle against an invisible and what could be often termed as an invincible force of nature, is still a persistent one. People around the globe are putting up a brave fight in their own capacities and trying hard to combat a pandemic of this epic scale, something that has never been dealt with or heard of before. While every nation is trying all that they can to manage the crisis in their own ways, and have contributed significantly in curbing the spread of the virus and minimizing the death count, it can be asserted that things have also been mismanaged and have gone awry more often than not. And that is probably because a pandemic of such intensity and ramifications have not been dealt with in the last century. It requires little mention that with such a novel situation of dealing with the Novel Coronavirus, things could spiral out of control. And in the article that we have today, we shall concentrate on the same lines and examine the ways in which America has been dealing with the pandemic, and the rate at which it has been successful.

The Changing Landscape of America:

In all honesty, no one really knows where we are all headed towards. And this is not just the case in America, but every part of the world. On the one hand, where a few nations have set up exemplary examples of flattening the curve in their homeland, few other nations, on the other hand, are increasingly finding themselves a lot deeper into the crisis. And to put it out quite blatantly, things have been looking quite bleak in America in this aspect. 

A Crippling Economy

America, the superpower, has found itself in a soup with the virus spreading like wildfire. The lockdown has not been able to contribute much to the endeavor of flattening the curve since some people are still ignorant and unaware of the need to wear masks and practice adequate social distancing. This ignorance has done very little to combat the situation, and as a result, more and more people are affected every day. This has resulted in many industries to shut down permanently and lose business. A few days into the lockdown, it was announced that people might have to return to work by Easter, which can be stated as an inane decision. Even though the economy was and is still tanking, a move as such would have only acted as a catalyst to the entire pandemic and made it all the more difficult for people to put up a brave fight. However, after analyzing the gravity and seriousness of the situation, the decision was reversed.

A Shift to the Online Platforms

The nation, just like the others, has shown an increased dependency on the online platforms to keep businesses afloat. Everyone knows that industries and offices cannot stay shut for a very long time. It is futile and puerile, to say the least. The economy will cease to exist if this is what continues to happen. And that is why, America, like every other nation, has shifted much of its business online. One of the major contributions to its economy came from the gaming and the gambling sectors. And ever since the lockdown, the online gaming and gambling websites have been booming, and contributing significantly to keep the industry in business. California’s best betting sites and several other gaming websites have tweaked their security issues to enhance user-experience. The same holds true for other types of small and large scale industries too. In a nutshell, a major shift has been seen in the way businesses are functioning amidst the pandemic, and this is not just the case with America.

Summing Up:

After the discussion that ensued, it can be safely declared that even after a slew of instances of mismanagement and short-sighted decisions, America is trying to put up a brave fight against the pandemic and is doing all that it can to contain the damages. From raising more awareness about the need for masks and social distancing to operating online, the nation is taking a step in the right direction. All that we can do right now is wait for the pandemic to either die out or for the virus to become endemic, so that going about our normal lives along with this mutated strain of the Coronavirus seems less painful.



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