Great Books That Shape Our Past, Present, and Future

Those who understand the power of great books and the amount of knowledge they possess have never left their power go to waste. Many authors have managed to unlock so many secrets about humanity and our existence. This is a book list that will show you a few great books that shape our past, present, and future and are not going to leave you without one or two fascinating realizations.

The following books you’re going to have a look at are some of the best out there that contain exciting plots, unforgettable characters, and have the power to open your eyes to many of life’s unpredictable surprises. All of these books are by highly appreciated and respected authors who have millions of fans and have definitely earned their success.

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

One of the first great books that shape our past, present, and future we have to show you is Crime and Punishment. This book has the potential to teach you a few fundamental lessons on alienation through the actions of the main character in the story, Rodion Raskolnikov.

The book itself is a masterpiece that no one should miss out on if they don’t want to follow in Rodion’s footsteps. The story follows Raskolnikov, a man whose pride causes him to detach from society. He starts taking advantage of people and using them. It becomes clear that Rodion thinks he is better than everyone else and faces serious consequences, which is one of the main reasons why you should read this book and learn from it.

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

This is an American realist novel that was published in 1939. The story follows the Joads, a very poor family that is forced to move to California due to terrible living conditions and with the hope for a better life.

This book was such an inspiration and was so well-written that the author won the National Book Award and a Pulitzer Prize for fiction. In the story, you meet the men who hold all the power and do with the poor as they wish. It definitely doesn’t look like a place anyone would want to live in and it should be a lesson for the future of humanity. This book opened so many eyes and has received the appropriate awards for it.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Another great book that shapes our past, present, and future that you can’t afford to miss is Pride and Prejudice. This is a story that focuses mainly on marriage and love. It’s a romantic comedy that introduces you to a few of the most memorable characters you’ve ever met.

This book is another masterpiece that has a lot of value to offer. Aside from giving you a thrilling story, this book also serves as a way to learn how love can grow and disappear. It also focuses on society’s take on love and marriage.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Many book reviews out there have stated that this masterpiece might actually be one of the greatest novels ever written – period. Let’s find out why. The story inside focuses on the protagonist, Jay Gatsby. The message of The Great Gatsby is to show you how attainable the American dream was in the 1920s. You get to follow Jay chase his dream and discover whether he achieves all he set out for.

There are more than one features that make this novel one of the best out there. Learning to write such as this author would definitely be quite the achievement. One way to start obtaining those skills is to learn from professionals. Following a simple step like the buy thesis online strategy, you can make sure to witness expert and detailed writing on the topic of your choosing. F. Scott Fitzgerald was an author who many should aspire to and try to follow in his footsteps.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

One of the main things humanity should always focus on, and something that would make us all better people is the word dignity. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the greatest books that shape our past, present, and future and has the power to teach children very important lessons.

The main message this book wants to share is how to spread dignity. It features an exciting story showing that every person on Earth deserves to be treated with dignity.

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Another very important book for all humanity, no matter what race, ethnicity, or nationality you are, is Lord of the Flies. This novel is here with a message about rules. It states that humanity must have rules for so many reasons. Surely, most of you would agree as otherwise, there will be nothing but chaos.

This message is presented in a very exciting way as the protagonist and his friends show you what it would be like without certain rules.

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

The last on this book list of a few of the most important and greatest books that shape our past, present, and future is a novel by a Nobel Prize-winning author, Herman Hesse.

Siddhartha is a book that everyone must read in order to learn what it takes to truly understand yourself. The journey on which the protagonist goes is a memorable one full of insight, realization, and self-discovery – a journey everyone must go on to find happiness and peace. It’s a small book but one of the best in all of the world literature.


There are many benefits one can get from reading books. Aside from improving your brain and vocabulary, reading some of the best books out there can offer life-changing realizations that have the power to improve you and those around you in more than one way. Books are a fantastic source of new ideas and opportunities in life.