How Dating Now is Different Than Dating in the ‘80s

Back in the 1980s dating was a much different ball game that what we see today. Many would suggest in fact that whilst things have improved regarding the success rate of your dates; getting those dates is actually more difficult today, owing to an increase in competition. They were simpler times back then for sure, and today we are going to focus on what exactly has changed in the modern era. If you are looking to find yourself a match compared with life back in the ‘80s, here are the differences you’ll find.

Online Dating

Online dating was seen as a more modern approach to the speed dating of the 1980s, a more slick and easy way for you to meet others, based on their looks and their interests. This began through web browsers but right now we have smartphone apps which are heavily used. The swiping culture now is the most commonly used form of dating. Unfortunately one change which we have seen with this since the ‘80s is more people looking for simple hook-ups rather than seeking a relationship.

Scientific Approach

There is a far more scientific approach which is taken by dating sites like Yvonne Allen to help ensure that matches have the very best chance of success. We are able to use algorithms now which hack the dating game and provide users with a high probability that they will be matched with someone who enjoys the same things as they do. There is of course no exact science, love is blind after all, but through the use of a data based approach, we can at least give people the best match for them


Our expectations of dates have changed an awful lot since way back in the ‘80s, both from male and female perspectives. Once upon a time a steak dinner would have been a nice way for you to enjoy a first date, but these days we seek to get much more creative. Given the level of competition in the dating world, it is up to either than man or woman to find a more interesting way to treat their date and show them a good time. We have also seen a big switch regarding who pays the bill. Traditionally on a heterosexual date the man would have picked up the tab, but going Dutch seems to be a more common way of doing things these days.

Wider Pool

The number of young people getting marriedhas dropped significantly since the 1980s, and divorce rates have gone up. This has resulted in a far larger pool of men and women looking to date, and that is what has seriously increased competition. Not only this, but thanks to the ease by which you can date online and through dating apps, men and women really have to stand out in order to get noticed.

There is no doubt that we will continue to see this change, and who knows where we will be in another 40 years.



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