How Taking a Cruise Is Good for Your Mental Health

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More than half of Americans leave vacation days leftover at the end of the year. As a nation, we’ve become used to not using up our vacation days, which isn’t a good thing.

There are so many benefits to taking a vacation, including increased productivity at work, being inspired by the things you see and learn on vacation, and because your workplace will survive without you (really).

Taking a cruise is one of the most popular vacations and for good reason. You can visit multiple locations, see places you may never see otherwise, and have plenty of time for rest and relaxation (or activities, if that’s more your style) during your at-sea days.

Keep reading to learn how taking a cruise can benefit you and your mental health.


If you’re taking a Caribbean cruise, plenty of sunshine will be on the menu. We all know how important vitamin D is, and if you’re sitting at a desk all day, chances are you need some.

Fun in the sun can benefit your physical and mental health. Just remember to wear sunscreen and practice safe sunbathing!

Stress-Free Travel

A cruise can be extremely stress-free and require little planning on your end if you want. You can use a travel agent to book the cruise and then once on the ship, you don’t have to plan anything.

Go to dinner when you wish, take advantage of pre-planned shows and entertainment, and the let the cruise company or on-shore excursion companies plan your adventures.

Your travel itinerary is already set, so you just need to focus on getting yourself there and then enjoying each day of your trip.

Bonding With Your Partner or Friends

When was the last time you really had the opportunity to connect with your spouse or partner or even spent time with your friends? A cruise is a great way to kick back with others and simply enjoy being together. Alternatively you can join in a support group and spend time with them.

Unplug from work and social media and revel in the fact that you’re not at work. Reconnect with your spouse, finally make time for that girls’ weekend you’ve been talking about for years, or enjoy meeting new people on a singles cruise.


Many cruise ships have plenty of opportunities for on-ship exercise. They typically offer a fitness center, group exercise classes, and other facilities where you can play sports. If walking or running is your thing, take some laps around the ship. They’ll usually post how many laps equal a mile.

Exercise is tremendously beneficial to your mental health and a cruise gives you the ability fo find time to exercise without thinking of all the other things you could be doing.


Depending on where you are cruising to, you might just get the opportunity to learn about different cultures and their customs. European cruises give you the cultural education you’ve always wanted and they also give you the ability to visit multiple places on one cruise.

Taking a Cruise Is More than Just a Vacation

Sure, taking a cruise is a nice vacation, but have you ever stopped to think about the physical and mental health benefits? It’s so much more than just a trip. There’s still time left in 2019 to make use of those remaining vacation days!

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