How to Choose the Right Vape Juice for Your Needs

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Whether you are a vaping newbie or have a long history of vaping CBD, you might be wondering if you picked the right juice. The crucial thing to note is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That is because choosing a vape juice largely depends on your preferences and expectations. CBDfx has a huge variety of vape juices and kits available. You will find everything you need to start vaping in a single place.

Let’s take a look at the most important factors to consider during the process.

Optimized ratio of PG and VG

These are two abbreviations that you should know if you plan to vape CBD in the future. PG stands for propylene glycol, and VG is short for vegetable glycerol. These two compounds are the foundation of the vast majority of vape juices available on the market. You can find some similarities between the two – for example, they are both liquids that don’t have any color or odor. However, the difference lies in their ratios, which can vary significantly.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a by-product of petroleum that is a frequent addition to items you regularly use, such as lotion shampoos, makeup, and medicines. As long as you don’t overuse PG, you can safely use it topically and orally.

If you notice a sticky residue on your vaping equipment, the chances are it comes from propylene glycol. It is a thin substance, and it allows extra throat hit to come through when compared to nicotine. The majority of users find PG to have an intense and strong flavor, which is why some users don’t prefer its ratios to be too high.

The more PG the vape juice has, the fewer clouds there will be when vaping. You should also be careful to identify the right vaping heat because extreme temperatures might lead to a burned flavor.

Some users might be particularly sensitive to PG, and it might cause breathing issues or dry mouth. If you notice these problems, try lowering the PG ratio in your vaping juice.

Vegetable Glycol

The manufacturers get this compound from vegetable oil. It is often present in our everyday life, and you can find it in foods, as well as deodorants, soaps, and other cosmetic items. VG is safe to use, and famous for having excellent heat resistance.

Vegetable glycol contributes to clouds that appear when you are vaping. VG is considerably thicker than PG, which is why it might leave gunky residue on your vaping equipment. It is important to clear this off to maximize the longevity of your gear. Some users are sensitive to high amounts of VG in their vape juice. It might cause throat tingling and other allergic reactions.

Users describe VG as a bit sweet, which is why you will often find a high quantity of this compound in flavors that are sweet or fruity.

How to Choose PG/VG Ratio

That will take a bit of trial and error because every individual is unique, and we all have different tastes. If you don’t have the previous vaping experience, start with a product that offers a 50/50 ratio.

Once you test a vape juice, you will determine whether it delivers the desired effects. If you think the juice is not strong enough, pick a product with a higher PG ratio. Alternatively, you can consider going with a vape juice that has more VG than PG. If you feel you found a juice that is the right fit, feel free to stick to it as long as you enjoy it.

Pick the Desired Nicotine Level

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Another thing to consider during the process of choosing vape juice is its nicotine content. You will find the quantity of nicotine in a vape juice on its label. That is why you should always read the product description carefully.

What is the most suitable nicotine level for you? That only depends on your preference. You might have switched to vaping instead of smoking for health reasons. If you are looking to decrease your nicotine consumption, find a product with low nicotine quantity. You can even consider reducing nicotine levels gradually, which can help to deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Any vaping juice that contains at least 18mg/mL of nicotine is considered to have a high quantity of nicotine. If you want to keep the nicotine strength at a modest rate, look for quantities between six and 18mg/mL. You can also consider lowering the presence of this compound in the vape juice to 3mg/mL or lower. If you feel you are ready, the market even offers nicotine-free vape juice that doesn’t contain this compound at all.

Why Flavor Plays an Important Role in Choosing Vape Juice?

We are all fans of candies, right? However, you might like chocolate candy but hate a mint-flavored gummy. The flavor is crucial to everything that we consume, and vape juices are not an exception.

CBD market offers a wide range of vape juices and vape kits to suit everyone’s preference. Before starting to vape, you must find an appropriate device. You can find a variety of vaporizers at Big Daddy Smoke.

If you like a fruity flavor, you can go for strawberry or raspberry. And if you are a fan of sour-like flavors, how about trying lemon? Perhaps you are looking for a refreshing taste, which is why mint might be a wise choice? You can even find products with tobacco or your favorite soda’s flavor.

Apart from single-flavored vape juices, you can also pick blends. These products combine more than one flavor. You can find a simple combination of vanilla and strawberry, or go for a blend that combines fruits, creams, and other ingredients.

Another tip that we could give you is that you shouldn’t stack up on a particular vape juice before ensuring it is the right fit for you. That is why it is always wise to order a single pack to test the flavor before ordering more. It is also crucial to stick to a reputable manufacturer that ensures to deliver vape juices of the highest quality. Independent lab reports published with the product are a great way to confirm the quality of the juice.



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