How to Design a Personal Logo for Your Online Business

Looking to create a logo that you not only love but draws in sales? Explore how to design a personal logo that will help you stand out from the crowd.

These days, it’s not only creative professionals who need a personal logo. From writers to contractors everyone uses personal branding as an essential tool in today’s job market.

If you’re building a professional brand, here’s how to design a personal logo that you can use across platforms.

Designing a Personal Logo

You can create a professional personal logo, even if you’re not a designer. Using logo templates is an excellent way to start. That way, you don’t have to figure out how to design a logo from scratch.

Not only that, but you can also customize a template to fit your brand. 

Choose the perfect typeface, image, and colors to create one of three types of logos:

  • Font
  • Illustration
  • Symbol

How to Design a Personal Logo with Type

There are thousands of different typefaces, with four primary font classifications:

  • Serif
  • San serif
  • Script
  • Decorative

A serif typeface is the old-style Roman lettering and its offshoots such as Baskerville, Bodini, and Bookman. San serif type tends to have clean, geometric lines, and the script fonts are reminiscent of handwriting.

Finally, a decorative typeface is distinctive and stylized.

When you’re considering which type to use in your logo design, think about your audience. How appropriate is the typestyle in terms of branding?

Also, the font should be legible in a variety of sizes.

Using an Image in Your Logo Design

It’s essential to define your brand identity before you decide whether or not to use an image in your logo.

You can start by describing yourself in three words. For example, fun, friendly, and free-spirited conjure a different image than focused, driven, leadership.

What are your three words?

Next, keep the image simple. It may be a line drawing illustration depicting something about your brand, such as an open book if you’re an author.

On the other hand, you may find that an abstract symbol is a better representation of the essence of your personal brand.

Think about the famous Nike swoosh, for example. That symbol is synonymous with Nike and brings to mind images of athletes pushing to be their best.

Choosing the Best Colors

When you’re working through how to design a personal business logo, a mood board is an excellent way to get inspiration. It’s an opportunity to take a look at all the elements you have at your disposal and how they can work together.

Another thing to think about is the psychology of color. That is, what sort of feelings do specific colors bring out in your audience?

Color choice is vital—your audience will make assumptions about your brand personality based on the colors and color combinations you choose. 

Much like colors bring out certain emotions—they also line up with some of our traits. Brown can represent nature and the great outdoors. Purple is considered sophisticated, and red is all about passion.

Choose colors to represent the brand personality you want to evoke.

Time to Create a Logo

Do you have some ideas now that you have the basics of how to design a personal logo for your online business? Why not tell us about your project in the comments below? We’re always interested to hear about what you’ve got in the works.