How to Write an Article on the History of the Middle Ages

“Teachers and professors use articles to evaluate and assess the progress of students.” Historical articles are very important because they help tutors to test a range of skills which include interpretation and analysis, research, planning, and writing. Before writing a historical article, the student needs to study the question, understand what the question requires, gather content by doing research, and then organize their response in writing. And to draft a perfect historical article on the middle ages, you can inquire for assistance from, or you can consider the tips below.

What is a historical article?

If you are a history student, then you know that history is a record of past events that occur at different times and places. This then means that a historical article is an article that requires you to describe an argument about one or more historical events and then support your claims with evidence and references. The article must convince the reader why your argument is as such. If you are unable to write this kind of article, there is help for you. Log onto the site of a professional and reliable article writing company and receive assistance from the team of enthusiastic specialists.

Make topic research

Topic research is a fundamental part of any article. A well-defined topic is the beginning of any historical article. If you are to become good at how to write an article, then you have to create time and do research. There is no way you are going to come up with the content to include in your article if you do not research the topic and understand what it entails. You can go to the library and use the resources that are there. These can either be books, journals or any other useful resources you can get your hands on. Or, you can use the internet to gather as much information as you can.

Find inspiration history

At times you may find yourself needing the inspiration to start writing. The truth is, inspiration will not find you where you are or it will not fall from heaven. You have to look for it. There are various ways you can use to find the muse. Some of them include;

  • Reading – Look for historical books about the topic you need to write about and read them.
  • Listening – Listen to podcasts and audiobooks about your subject
  • Talking – Talk to your teacher and other people that may know about the topic you are writing about.
  • Writing – The more you write the better you become. Keep writing and you will have little or no problem finding inspiration.

Create a writing plan

You need to have a writing plan before you start writing any article. Create a writing plan as soon as you get your article topic or question. Divide your time well and ensure that you allocate adequate time to every writing process from the research to the writing and proofreading of the article. Remember if you would like to get help with your article, you can find it at The experts from this company can give you a plan which will help simplify the whole article writing process.

Era of invasions

If your article is about middle ages history, then you have to write about the invasions that were happening during that period. It is a time when England and Europe were going through difficult times because of wars and invasions that were happening. The crusaders were riding through the lands waging war to kick out Islam and spread Christianity instead.

Why the Dark Age?

The Dark Age is a term that Italian scholar Francesco Petrarch coined to describe the period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the start of the Italian Renaissance and the beginning of the exploration age. The Dark Age declares that an economic, demographic and cultural decline took place during this period.


This is a word that may be new to many people. The Roman Empire fell in the medieval west but in the Byzantium east, the empire was a strong political unit. Constantinople was thought of as the new Rome and emperors used it as their seat of power.

Not so dark after all

It is quite misleading to characterize the middle ages as a time of darkness falling between two significant periods in history. Backwardness and deterioration should not be the major talking point of this time. Christianity took route and flourished during this period. Catholicism brought new views of life and at the same time, the Roman Empire was fragmenting into smaller empires. It was a time that saw the formation of many universities, the establishment of the rule of law and the birth of the tourism industry. This means that this was not a dark period at all.

In conclusion, drafting a historical article should not give you a hard time as you can use the tips above to produce a fascinating and impressive article. Take time and come up with a writing plan. Try to find inspiration from reading books or asking your teachers for advice. Then from there, do your research and write your paper. You can ask for college essay writing help from writing services if you are having challenges with the article. They will offer you all the help you need.