Is CBD Coffee the Next Big Thing?

Medical Marijuana is already legal in many states and more are on the way. One of the major trends is the growing popularity of CBD (cannabidiol) coffee drinks. Here’s more about that and other developments in the MMJ market.

What Is CBD Coffee?

CBD is an oil extract of the cannabis plant that does not contain anything that causes a high effect. It’s strictly a plant oil that some people think can help ease anxiety. As a food additive, it’s already big business. Now it’s making a splash in the coffee business, one of the retail market’s most active niches. Latte, hot chocolate, black coffee, espresso, and other typical coffeehouse offerings with added CBD oil are in demand in places like Colorado. As legislation moves through individual states, it’s possible that this variety of brew could be the hottest consumer product of 2021.

New York and California Would Be Biggest Markets

Based on population figures alone, and the fact that both states already allow MMJ, California and New York are positioned to be at the forefront of the coming CBD coffee craze. In states where it’s already allowed, shops are seeing huge sales numbers and continue to add cannabidiol products to their menus. One reason so many eyes are on New York is that the state is something of a business bellwether. As NY goes, so goes the nation, at least in commercial endeavors.

For example, one of the big developments for users of medical marijuana in the New York State is online application to become an MMJ patient. If you want to apply without leaving the comfort of your home in Schenectady, for instance, you can do so in a matter of minutes. There are already more than 100,000 patients on the official rolls since the program’s inception. With MD’s in New York, as well as patients, recognize marijuana as a valuable form of medicine. Our certified physician can help anyone in the state who wants to take an evaluation and enroll online. Applicants receive fast and seamless service that is private and takes just a few minutes. Customer service agents stand ready to answer any questions and help you complete an application. And, if you’re not in Schenectady, there are locations all around the state.

Why Shops Want to Sell It

The coffee-consuming public constantly demands exciting products and variations on old standbys. Shop owners routinely work to come up with new ideas, interesting menu items, and unique offerings to lure new customers and retain loyal ones. Adding CBD oil to an entire range of menu listings has proved to be an economic savior for shops that were hit hard by the recent virus shutdown.

What’s the Recipe?

Fortunately, cannabidiol oil mixes well with warm and cold beverages of all kinds. When baristas make it up in a shop, they usually begin with a standard drink, latte for example, and embellish it with a dash of CBD and another flavor, like coconut oil. The possibilities are endless. Shop owners nearly always avoid using CBD as a stand-alone additive due to its earthy taste.



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