Is it Too Late to Stop Climate Change?

Image via Open University, Creative Commons

How long will our planet last? Is it really a matter of twelve more years for earthlings?

Find out the answer to the frequently asked questions about the climate crisis: Are we too late? Have we invited inevitable climate changes for the generations to come? More importantly, is it too late to stop climate change now?

According to experts, we almost have. The term ‘almost’ is key here, it means there’s still a chance to protect the planet and our future generations from the disaster named ‘Global Warming’. So, we are right at the birnk of it, and if we aren’t careful, we will be triggering an irreversible reaction, one that we definitely wouldn’t like. So, what can we do when there is still some time?

How Can We Save the Planet?

To stabilize the climate, we must get down the carbon footprint to zero and there’s no wiggle room. The scientists demand that humans bring this change so fast that it may almost seem impossible.

Every decision reflects the kind of world we’re living in by the end of the century. Jack Cushman, the Managing Editor of InsideClimate news when talking about their yearly report discloses the alarming rate at which the climate continues to change (for the worse).

Low Carbon Revolution

Lowering carbon emissions, according to several climate experts, is necessary, desirable and more importantly achievable. Experts lay out detailed plans for what’s technically possible, and reveal that if we begin now, we may be able to save our planet in the nick of time.

True, it’s a monumental task but with the right mindset, it’s definitely possible. If we rapidly transform the global economy and decrease the global emissions of greenhouse gases, we might just make it happen.

Greenhouse Gases on the Rise

Three biggest Greenhouse polluting nations; China, the United States, and India are contributing more and more to global warming every minute. Earth traps more heat than it should with the emission of heat-trapping gases by developing countries. For the last four years, recorded as the hottest years in history, we’ve no one but ourselves to blame. It is a clear sign of the on-going climate change and was confirmed by the UN.

Conditions like 2017’s Hurricane Harvey and the Lucifer heatwave Southern Europeans face are becoming more probable with Global Warming.

Step Towards a Green Future

The outcomes if humans continue on this destructive path are clear. But the good news is recent forecasts show clean energy prices are going down as states are switching to solar and wind energy to fuel their projects. Electric engines are taking over the traditional combustion engines. The list of industries committing to achieve zero carbon emissions is increasing as communities realize the threat they face.

Surely, if the nations continue to delay it will be too late, but we still have time to choose. Commit to bringing the footprint down to zero and protect the future or it will be too late to stop climate change.



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