Islamic Scholar Riles Florida Community, Proposes ‘Compassionate’ Death for LGBT People (VIDEO)



Dr. Farrohk Sekaleshfar

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.07.2016

On March 29, Dr. Farrohk Sekaleshfar spoke at the Husseini Islamic Center in Sanford, Florida, drawing the ire of many local community members while his speech was “well received” according to a member of the center.

Sekaleshfar, reports WFTV-9 in Seminole County, has been discussing homosexuality since 2013, saying that the act of homosexuality should be hated but not the person, following with saying that the death is “compassionate” for that person.

WFTV cited Sekaleshfar’s previous statements reiterated in Sanford:

“We see the physical killing as something brutal, and this is the point when human hatred toward the act has to be done out of love,” he said in the 2013 talk. “You have to be happy for that person … we believe in an afterlife, we believe in an eternal life … and with this sentence, you will be forgiven and you won’t be accountable in the hereafter.”

In that way, “It’s for his own betterment that he leaves,” Sekaleshfar said.

“True, people can’t be judged and all people are good,” he said. “They’re God’s creatures and that’s why everyone is good … so, is Islam homophobic? This is inaccurate, because there’s no hatred against such people.”

Sekaleshfar joins the likes of Christian radicals such as Theodore Shoebat, known for his violent speech on YouTube, and Pastor James David Manning in calling for certain sinners and apostates to be put to death touting “hate the sinner not the sin”.

America’s government was founded as a secular entity and is forbidden from imposing theological punishments in spite of having been influenced in past years to pass legislation based on Biblical precepts, but that doesn’t alleviate concern about such radicals in our midst calling for violent action.

Sekaleshfar is at the very least being true to his religion’s texts absent any creative exegesis.  He stressed that at least four people must witness a homosexual act before such punishment can be imposed, which he uses to provide some appeasement by saying, “It rarely happens.”

Oh, well we feel much better now, thanks so much Dr. Sekaleshfar!  <insert eye-roll here>