Las Vegas: How it got the Nickname as Sin City


In the early 1700s, a 60-man party of Spanish traders was travelling along the Spanish Trail to Los Angeles. One of them, Rafael Rivera, was the first to notice a valley floor with grassy meadows on this trip. He called the valley “Las Vegas”, which is a Spanish term that translates roughly into “the meadows.” He chose this name because the valley had several types of wild grass growing in the nutrient-rich desert soil which made it seem like a meadow, rather than a desert. This would become the home to one of the most popular destinations on the planet.

The original Sin City

What else could best describe Sin City than the dusty drinking rooms, gambling tables, bourbon and gin flowing freely, and prevalent immorality? This seems to be the guide on which cities in the classical Western films were built, but Block 16 was no film prop, it was a real place! Block 16 is the root for the Las Vegas nickname, Sin City. It became popular in 1906 and got its name from its location on a map of the city that was used by Las Vegas. Initially, the zone became popular as the only block which was able to serve alcohol freely without regulation limits. It set itself apart from other areas of the city by allowing prostitution to take place. Block 16 was built to suit both the worker and the tourist: Las Vegas is the first Sin City where most people gambled, found a place to test their luck, and reap large rewards. Today, there are numerous strip clubs, wide-spread prostitution, casinos, clubs, and hotel room events for you to enjoy whenever you are not gambling.

“What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.”

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and advertising agency R&R Partners came up with this slogan in 2003. They tried to get people curious about Las Vegas and show it as something other than just a gaming destination. The thought was that Las Vegas should become more than a sandbox and encourage the liberty and empowerment of adults. The degrees of independence Las Vegas is offering its visitors is twofold: Firstly, the city encourages you to experience new things, eat new things, wear new things and act in a way you couldn’t freely. Moreover, the city is promising you its secrecy. Apart from telling you that it is ok to be who you really are within the city limits, no matter different that is from your ordinary life, it is also promising secrecy and a safe place to do it.

Is this the best idea marketing has had so far? No one really knows, but it is a popular phrase and while it may not be 100% true, people would really like to think it is.

Sin City Today

Las Vegas, or Sin City, is the 28th biggest city in the United States, and the largest in Nevada state today. It is a major city, which is a well-renowned international tourist city, mostly renowned for its gaming, entertainment, shopping, fine cuisine, leisure, and nightlife. Top artists and chefs have chosen Las Vegas to be where they organise shows and open new restaurants. The nightlife hub is also home to some of the biggest hotels, which boast spectacular light, firework and fountain shows. Las Vegas City, in its entirety, is Nevada’s top economic, commercial and tourist destination. It has breath-taking scenery and there are many places to visit, for example, just on the borders of the city one can find the Hoover Dam and the Red Canyon. There are several lakes where you can cool off from the hot nightlife during the day. In addition to the Red Canyon trips like these, there is also the popular Venetian gondola journey around the city. There are also lots of museums with objects from all over the world.


According to the above arguments, we could say that other cities are worthy of the notorious name “Sin City,” not merely Las Vegas. For example, Sydney is now widely regarded as Australia’s “Sin City.” and Macao, which is considered China’s “Sin City”. When it comes to having a good time, look no further than any “Sin City” – they are great places to have bachelor or hen parties, watch sports games, or visit casinos. But if it is a good time playing that you are looking for, no need to go so far. Visit Platincasino UK from the comfort of your own home.



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