Lyft and Legal Recovery

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Lyft Accident Lawyer?

We’ve all seen the commercials on TV. Innocent people sustain serious injuries in a car or truck accident and feel angry because their pain and suffering could have been prevented. We believe that we understand the potential effects of hiring an attorney who will aggressively fight for the rights of accident victims. We tell ourselves that, if we ever got in a bad accident, we would know exactly what to do or at least who we should call for legal advice. However, after an accident, the typical injured victim is in a lot of pain and doesn’t have the time to worry about the medical bills that are starting to pile up. It takes all of their energy just to get through the day. The worst thing you could do is try and call the insurance company on your own and give a recorded statement while your mind is not clear. You have the right to wait and

Before you take any action in a personal injury matter such as a Lyft car accident, be sure to look around for local representation from a licensed attorney with direct experience negotiating benefits with auto insurance companies. These carriers are not your friends, and they don’t remain profitable by dispensing a fair value for your personal injury claim.

The Truth About Lyft

Getting into a car accident is traumatic enough on its own. What happens if you aren’t riding in your own car? What happens if you called up a Lyft ride on your smartphone? However, riding in a carshare service such as Lyft puts many accident victims in a different legal situation than they would be in if they used their own vehicle and got hurt in a crash. Although you may have your own vehicle insurance as an auto driver or owner, your insurance coverage may have exclusions, such as not applying to instances when you are hurt while using a ridesharing service.

Lyft Drivers May Not Be Fully Covered

Of course, when you use the Lyft service, you are assuming that your injuries would be covered under their commercial policy. They are using drivers as independent contractors who are then transporting passengers in their personal vehicles. This creates a legal mess. Furthermore, you could be riding with a driver who has vehicle insurance, but his or her insurance may not apply to a Lyft accident in which you were hurt. He or she would have to purchase rideshare coverage under California law because he or she decided to use a personal vehicle for commercial purposes. In these types of situations, you certainly hope that you could seek compensation from the Lyft auto insurance liability policy, but many victims of car accidents where a rideshare driver was at fault are finding it difficult to claimn benefits through this carrier.

Don’t Fight This Legal Battle Alone

Not knowing from where to seek accident benefits because the crash wasn’t your fault may indicate the need for a Lyft accident lawyer. A personal injury lawyer specializes in dealing with insurance companies exclusively, not practicing other types of law and taking the occasional car accident case. You deserve to hire a lawyer on a contingency-fee basis who knows the civil court system in California and who will not just advise you of the normal process for filing car accident claims. He or she should also be experienced in direct negotiations with the rideshare insurance companies and should be prepared to seek a settlement on your behalf. However, you don’t want to hire a lawyer who lacks the financial resources to take this matter to a civil trial. A lawyer could take your case to a mediation and fail to get a reasonable offer from the Lyft insurance carrier. Then, it would cost even more to go to a trial. That last resort is very costly for both parties in a car accident case. You need a respectful, aggressive, and knowledgeable attorney to represent your financial interests and advocate for how this accident has impaired your health. Your body will never be the same, and you deserve justice under the law.

The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Experience in Lyft Accidents

We are a personal injury law firm based in Los Angeles, California. We help accident victims with a variety of civil matters, including car accidents and premises liability cases. We know that the insurance companies, including the one providing commercial vehicle liability benefits for Lyft, won’t take your claim seriously without adequate evidence of your medical condition and how it was caused by a Lyft accident. Each case is different, but we have helped other victims to seek benefits based on their injuries.

These are some benefits you should expect from a qualified Lyft accident lawyer:

  • Knowledge of the California federal, state, and local courts and relevant statutes.
  • Aggressive stance towards insurance companies, insurance defense attorneys, and insurance adjusters.
  • Effective communication with California medical experts in order to compile evidence that your injuries from a Lyft car accident were serious and merit adequate compensation.
  • Experienced in taking depositions of traffic crash experts and medical experts.
  • Experienced in establishing the defendant’s liability in a car crash at a mediation or a jury trial.
  • Experienced in holding insurance carriers to the high standards of the current industry, including not recommending that you settle for anything less than a reasonable offer based on your injuries.

Getting hurt in an auto accident leaves you in a condition that’s worse than you were before you used the Lyft ridesharing service. Although this accident could have been prevented, it has permanently changed your life. You will not be able to erase the pain or suffering caused by another driver’s negligence. The liability either rests with the Lyft driver or the driver of another vehicle involved in the crash, not with you as the unsuspecting passenger. It’s important to talk to different law firms during your free consultation. Ask each personal injury attorney in Los Angeles to advise you of your legal rights and to explain how much time you have to file a lawsuit in this case. We call this the statute of limitations. It is different in each state.

Don’t Wait to Find Help

If you wait to find a lawyer for this car accident case, you could damage your potential outcome. After a car crash, important evidence can be lost or intentionally destroyed by the defendants and their insurance company. Furthermore, the accident report may not accurately depict what happened in the crash and/or may point to no one being at fault on the date of injury. As your personal injury attorney in Los Angeles of choice, we’re here to review your potential claim and determine if we may be of assistance. For your free consultation, please feel free to contact us today. Just because you contact us does not obligate you to choose our legal services. Get started seeking compensation for your injuries today before relevant evidence disappears.



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