New Gaming Trends That Will Drive Online Casino in 2021

The rise in popularity of online casino games has grabbed the attention of the gaming community in recent times. After the life-changing year of 2020- 2021 promises to bring stability and current innovations together to create a more immersive gaming experience in online casinos’ virtual domain. 

Online casinos have recorded high e-traffic from people from all parts of the world to participate and try their hand at online casino games while being in the comfort of their own homes – an ideal situation keeping in mind the pandemic scenario. Online casinos add an edge to the gaming scenario by becoming means of earning while gaming simultaneously. These online casinos provide an impressive display of different kinds of gambling games and themes like live casinos, roulette, blackjack, Wild West, online slot games, online betting.

The current turnover recorded by online casinos is set to be around $53 billion, with an appreciation of its value being predicted to hit the 1 trillion mark in 2021. It brings in the sense of hope and joy for gamers to try their luck at hitting bigger jackpots with higher multipliers and higher chances of receiving returns.

This article encompasses new gaming trends predicted to drive online gambling experiences this year, creating exciting opportunities and improved online gaming experience:

  • Rise of smartphone gaming 
  • High definition graphics and sound effects 
  • Entertaining Story-arc
  • Crypto-currency 
  • Virtual Reality Gaming 
  • Online Betting 
  • Online Streaming 

Rise of Smartphone Gaming

Long gone are the days of spending hours setting up complicated gaming consoles and modems to connect to the internet and participate in online games. Gamers and patrons now prefer having online casino games like free mobile slots being available on their smartphones. Online casinos are rolling out smartphone applications for their patrons to grant higher accessibility to gambling in real-time. This gaming trend has positively impacted the Online casino industry, increasing its demographic manifold.

Casinos like Betway, Royal Panda, Leo Vegas, Casino days have launched mobile applications for their casinos, making these sites a cornerstone for all online gambling patrons. Physical stand-alone casinos are all shifting to online platforms to gain more audience and increase their foothold on the gambling community. 2021’s biggest gaming trend of accessibility meets entertainment is predicted to cause a steady spike in the rising of mobile online casino players, thereby increasing their market presence by 60% in 2021. Online casinos are employing superior developers to create unique applications for their casinos to be available on all platforms, like iOS and Android smartphones. They make the rise of the smartphone gaming trend truly one of the biggest trends driving online casinos. With HTML5 and CSS3 sweeping the markets, games have been highly responsive and engaging.

High Definition Graphics and Sound Effects 

Recent gaming trends have caused a complete upheaval of graphical representation and background scores, where online casinos develop and cater to online gambling games with rich themes and captivating musical background scores. Online slot games are one of the most popular games on online casinos because of this fundamental difference.

Slot machine games with various detailed graphics on symbols and background and captivating background score that instantly take the player to the game scene while engaging a simple interface for better accessibility. From adventure, mystic journeys, safari, space travel to classic fruity themes, the popular casino themes come in varied shapes and colours.

Studies have shown, players engage more in the gaming content if it provides an immersive and entertaining experience while gambling. Gaming trends have revolutionized graphics from simple two-dimensional portrayals to 3-dimensional representations that look almost life-like. A relevant and dramatic background score keeps the attention of the player while discerning higher bets to win jackpots. Most online casino games follow a certain theme and musical score to go suit the graphics of these particular games.

Top providers, such as Microgaming, Playtech, Azumi, EGT, etc., dish out an amazing breed of games with mesmerizing graphics and sound arrangements.

Entertaining Story Arc

Gaming trends dictate the importance of a strong story arc to drive the narrative of the online casino games – myriads of themes and story arcs enriching the online casino experiences. Themes of adventure, conquests, treasure hunts, expeditions, Luxe casinos, Wild West are a hit amongst patrons who enjoy mimicking the experience of playing in concrete casino establishments while enjoying a game of live casinos, online slots, roulette, or blackjack on these online casinos. Unlike real-life casinos, these online casinos provide an alternate setting that has gained popularity amongst casino lovers – inspired by the gaming trends that shall drive online casinos in 2021. 


Cryptocurrency enabling casinos are set to be a crowd favourite in 2021, with anonymity as its biggest selling point. Most online casinos are accepting crypto-currency like Bitcoin, which makes it easy, efficient, and safe for casinos to accept credits and debits. Cryptocurrency does not allow any third-party involvement making the transactions secure and quicker than traditional net-banking options. This new form of currency follows blockchain technology to ensure safer and convenient transactions. 

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Gaming has been around since the nineties, but after the millennium turn, virtual reality game headsets became more advanced and cheaper, creating ground-breaking trends in the gaming community. The online gambling community decided to take a page from their book and introduce VR-compatible casino games to simulate the experience of brick-and-mortar casinos from the comfort of their own homes – ideal in the existing pandemic situation.

2021 is set to introduce an array of VR compatible casino games, which would drive the online casino market to project earnings in billions – a stark profit compared to earlier years of online gambling. 


Online betting has been a current trend stemming from various sports league games being played. Patrons now decide the number of bets to be placed on players or teams while enjoying these games. Online betting on sports doesn’t require much skill or investment – and with the advent of secure modes of online banking or crypto-currency, online betting on sports teams is predicted to become popular as a gaming trend that would drive online casinos to turn over bigger profits.

Online Streaming

2020 saw a steady rise of online streaming of video games on social media platforms like YouTube or Discord servers. Many entrepreneurial YouTubers are jumping onto the opportunity of monetizing streaming online casino gameplays to introduce new tricks and hacks to land on massive jackpots from online casinos. They also discuss the downsides of betting on certain games or dubious online casinos.

This trend of online streaming has increased the popularity of online casino games, securing a larger demographic of millennials ready to try their hand at betting to practice new tricks learned from these YouTube stream lives. 

Parting Thoughts 

The Online casino scenario is heavily dependent on the gaming community because of its shared premise. Online casinos provide a means of earning real-time money while enjoying the engaging and entertaining video game interface, making the experience more immersive for the audience.

The online casino industry is set to make higher profits than 2020 – rolling out new interfaces and exciting features that will enhance the gambling experience. The razzmatazz of online casinos might be affecting actual concrete casino establishments, but it caters to the needs of adults always looking for a better experience from a wide variety of options to choose from- which online casinos can provide. These gaming trends in 2021 are sure to drive the profits of online casinos to higher levels.



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