Roast Review: Café Britt’s Costa Rican Tres Ríos Valdivia

The Tres Ríos coffee growing region of Costa Rica produces some of the finest coffee in the world.

By Brian Lokker
Coffee Crossroads

Are you looking for an “easy drinking” medium roast coffee? Café Britt’s Costa Rican Tres Ríos Valdivia blend should definitely be on your radar screen.

Tres Ríos combines flavors of plum, allspice, and orange citrus with a pleasing honey-nut aroma. The result is an “elegant,” bright and well-balanced cup of coffee. It’s ideal for enjoying mid-morning or during a relaxing afternoon.

The Tres Ríos coffee growing region of Costa Rica produces some of the finest coffee in the world. The region provides optimal natural conditions for growing fine coffee.

The mountain slopes on which the coffee is grown range in altitude from 1,200 to 1,650 meters. The Caturra and Catuai varieties of Arabica coffee that make up the Tres Ríos blend flourish at these altitudes.

Tres Ríos soils are enriched by minerals from eruptions of the nearby Irazú Volcano (most recently in 1963). The climate is marked by distinct wet and dry seasons, with a winter harvest season stretching from December to March.

Tres Ríos is located in Cartago Province in the center of Costa Rica, just east of San José. The region includes the town of Tres Ríos, with an estimated population of about 9,500. Its name derives from the confluence of three rivers—Rio Tiribi, Rio Chiquito, and Rio La Cruz. Tres Ríos is sometimes called the “Bordeaux” of Costa Rica because of the high quality of its coffee.

The Café Britt brand is produced by Grupo Britt, N.V., which was founded in Costa Rica in 1985. The company has personal relationships with its Costa Rican coffee growers that span decades. As a result, Café Britt receives only the best Arabica beans from the growers.

The company works closely with the growers to ensure environmental sustainability. Its expert roasters roast the coffee beans slowly and in small batches. They don’t use additives to enhance the flavor. Café Britt actively engages with each step of the process, carefully nurturing the beans to achieve perfect results.

Café Britt’s Costa Rican Tres Ríos Valdivia blend coffee reflects this attention to quality in every cup. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good medium roast coffee.

Café Britt’s Costa Rican Tres Ríos Valdivia blend is available online from in 12-ounce bags, either whole bean or pre-ground. It is also available from and is eligible for Prime shipping. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

Like all of Café Britt’s Costa Rican coffees, Tres Ríos Valdivia blend is certified kosher.

Originally published by Coffee Crossroads, 08.18.2017, republished with permission for educational, non-commercial purposes.



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