See Yourself Out: Wedding Trends That Need To End In 2020

Unsplash, Creative Commons

Wedding trends are constantly changing. Remember the donut walls that were everywhere? They’ve since faded out – thank goodness – but there are plenty of other cringeworthy trends that couples and event planners need to ditch. As we head into 2020, we’ve got our eyes on sone overdone wedding trends that we’re hoping to see come to an end.

His-And-Hers Footwear

We’ve all seen the cutesy shots of his-and-hers Converse and while there are occasions when this is charming, most of the time it just comes off as a gimmick. This is true of just about any matching shoe moment, especially when it’s overdone and includes the entire wedding party.

In 2020, skip the customized Crocs, airbrushed kicks, and other statement shoes that are designed for little more than laughs. You can also ditch the strangely elaborate wedding boots. We understand that they’ve got roots in Regency traditions, but you aren’t a British royal and the boots are just unnecessary and uncomfortable.

The Overdone Engagement

Your engagement should be a special moment, but when it comes to planning a proposal, you want to opt for intimate over elaborate. For example, we love the idea of recreating your first date for your proposal or cooking up a special meal. What we don’t love? We vote no to engagements that combine public displays with big expenses. There’s no reason to ask for her hand in marriage with drones or skywriters – most of the beach doesn’t care that you’re playing out a romantic moment – and as we’ve seen with recent gender reveal disasters, these proposals are just asking for something to go wrong.

The Naked Cake

Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi made the naked cake big business and the style went well with the minimalistic, rustic wedding styles that dominated the last few years. We’re ready to say goodbye to the naked cake, though; they’re inevitably dry and we’ve seen them enough times that they’re no longer cute or surprising. We’ll take our cakes with frosting, please.

Leave The Zoo At Home

We all love animals – your pets, baby goats, you name it. That being said, we don’t love animals at weddings. This extends to goldfish centerpieces, which are just cruel, to pets as ringbearers. We guarantee the animals aren’t having fun and you don’t want to stand at the end of the aisle waiting while your dog runs off with the rings into a neighboring field.

De-Personalize Favors

When styling items for your wedding, the only places your names and the date need to go are on the save the date, the invitations, and maybe on the guest book or menu if you’ve got one.

As for your favors, skip the personalization. There’s surely someone out there who collects personalized wedding beer cozies or candy tins, but the majority of your guests will just toss them. Instead, send guests home with a tasty treat like local honey or syrup, put up a candy bar, or just skip the favors entirely. This isn’t an elementary school birthday party.

Skip The Succulents

Finally, as the “plant parent” generation begins hosting more weddings, we’re sure to see an overflow of succulents, but people have been sporting air plant boutonnieres and succulent center pieces for years now. These low-maintenance plants are no longer original, so unless you actually have a passion for succulents and know that all those plants will be appreciated at the end of the wedding, stick with a small assortment of traditional flowers. And remember, guests who are traveling will have a hard time bringing plants home, and many others just won’t want the responsibility.

Pinterest, Instagram, and even wedding planners and photographers have a tendency to push wedding trends right up to the edge of sustainability before dropping them completely and you don’t want to be one of the last making use of a trend. All this will do is date your event and show a lack of originality.

Be creative and make your wedding uniquely yours, rather than just a product of its moment.