A Brief History of Wedding Shoes and Boots

Interesting History of Wedding Boots

From over-the-knee lace loveliness to satin booties, wedding shoes and boots have a fascinating history. The story of boots is full of royalty, rebelliousness, and romance. History told that men wore heels for the first time to ride horses. Women adopted this style, and ultimately heels become a part of the fashion industry.

Heels are popular among brides, working women, and college girls. Elegant homecoming dresses seem incomplete without beautiful heels. Nowadays, heels are available in different shapes and sizes. It will be interesting to know their history.

The Regency Era

During this era, wedding boots were born. Before this period, ladies shoes were delicate slippers. Trends in footwear were modified dramatically with an active lifestyle. Half boots became famous among women for walking and riding. Over time, these booties turned into leather and satin boots for ballroom floors from England – France. With elaborated designs, these boots become a vital part of traditional wedding dresses.

The Victoria Period

Queen Victoria influenced fashion trends, from morality – wedding customs. She was famous for his long love with white bridal dresses and footwear. Queen Victoria has a significant influence on bridal styles.

White boots with elastic on both sides were Queen’s favorite footwear. Nowadays, numerous brides select similar designs and booties for the wedding. Latest technology made these boots mode decorated and structured in elaborated fashion. To retain a modest feminine look, small heels became a part of these boots.

Fashion of the 20th Century

However, weddings reserved traditions of past times, the era of 20th century acted host to unbelievable changes. In the Edwardian era, strict ethical codes started to loosen by the Victorians. Some classic designs for aspiring suffragist replaced the demure bridal boots.

The lace-up designs and higher heels were still famous. With the change in wedding dresses hemlines, the flapper girls started using boots for boisterous activities.

Current Fashion

Nowadays, brides are lucky because they can wear shoes inspired by history. There is no need to follow a specific tradition. Exclusive collection of boots, inspired by Victoria period’s demure femininity and attitude of the 20th century, are available in the market. You can buy shoes in a variety of styles and colors for your wedding. Feel free to mix bold style of history with romance and latest trends. You can wear over the knee boots at your wedding.

The market is flooded with the latest trends, a fusion of old, and new traditions. You can buy heels or flats in different colors. If you need comfort at weddings, you can buy Bella Belle flats. These will not ache your feet to spoil a big day. Try to buy special wedding shoes that look beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Hand-beaded bridal shoes are also available. If your wedding gown is simple, you can wear boots with floral ornaments.

Floral design shoes look more elegant and romantic. Feel free to buy bridal shoes with delicate colors, beading, lush embroidery, leather soles, and imported silks.