Some Useful Points for a Nationwide Move

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A nationwide move is both hectic and adventurous. Moving itself is enough to make you stressful and worried then settling at the new place may make you more nervous. But by following the tips and tricks given below, you can make your move easier and relaxing. Like all other tasks of life, the key to a successful move is also preparation. Just go through following nationwide moving tips, tricks, and hacks and have a wonderful moving and settling experience.

Plan Your Move

Think and upon the type of move that you want to follow. Research all the aspects including move by yourself i.e. a DIY move, hiring a professional moving company, or hiring partial services. If you are planning to hire professional, which is very much recommended too then finding the reliable and trustworthy should be the first and foremost task. Before deciding any particular move type, don’t forget asking your friends and close family about their experiences. And before hiring any moving company, make sure to read reviews and links and also get estimates from various nationwide moving companies. Also keep in mind that a representative of every chosen company makes an on location visit and give quotation after the survey to avoid any last minute consequences. Then compare prices and services of all the companies contacted and choose the best.

Label All the Packed Boxes

Labelling of all the boxes is a must to save time and energy. Label each and every box as it will make your unpacking and organizing of new house easier. In fact while unloading your stuff when you will arrive at your new place, you will be aware which box should be kept at what place. And you will be saved from the mixing of boxes and landing them in the wrong rooms and you will be saved from the hassle of moving boxes from one room to another. Thus to keep yourself from double work, simply take and marker and keep writing the list of items packed in the box along with the room where it should be kept after unloading.

Get Rid of Anything that You Don’t Use Anymore

The best part of moving is that you get a chance to de-clutter your home. Take a round around your house and gather anything and everything that you haven’t used in last 1 year, things that you know you do not need and like, clothes that will not be needed at your new place due to weather differences, and/or broken stuff. Relocation is the perfect time to get rid of all of these. You can sell the things that are in good condition and make some money. Other things that you couldn’t sell, can be donated. It will save both time and money as less the weight is, as low will be the moving cost.

Pack Your Clothes As It Is

Instead of taking out your clothes from chest of drawers and hangers, just pack them as it is. Simply fix the drawers of the chest with a binding tape so that they should not get open while moving and let the clothes as it is in it. And use garbage bags or old linen sheets to pack the clothes in hangers. Just fold the clothes on the hangers and put them in garbage bags and don’t forget to label them. This trick will not only save you time and energy but will also save a lot of packing material too. Packing the clothes as it is will also be helpful while unpacking as all you would need to do is to remove the tape from the chest of drawers and take out the hangers from the garbage bag and hang them again.

Hire Professionals

Consider hiring professionals for a few important jobs if not for all. Like moving and loading-unloading of heavy stuff like furniture, chandeliers, and/or any wardrobes. Hiring professional may cost you some money, but it will keep your things safe.

Stack the Packed Moving Boxes

Consider stacking the boxes after packing as it will keep the space clear for the movers and it will be easier to load them on the moving day. Always place heavy weightitems at the bottom of the box and light weight items on the top. Do not overfill the boxes else it will be difficult to carry them. At the time of stacking same rule of heavy and lightweight is applied. Keep the heavy boxes at the bottom and stack the lighter boxes on the top. Try keeping boxes of same room together.

Clean Your Refrigerator before the Move

Cleaning of your refrigerator before a move is very important, especially when you are moving nationwide. If you will ignore this one step then you will encounter a sticking fridge at your new place and getting rid of that unhealthy odour will be almost impossible. Just remove anything and everything lying in the fridge and clean it thoroughly before packing it up for the move.

Arrange a Family Gathering

Moving is not only a socially and financially challenging process, it also drains you emotionally. It can be very stressful at times especially in a nationwide move as you will be moving to a far off place. Spread a word of your move among your friends and close family as soon as the moving date is decided. Tell them what are you taking with you and what all will you be leaving behind. Share the stuff with them. Arrange a family get together to spend some quality time together and to make some memories. Meeting friends and family during goodbyes is hard but mandatory.

Try and Be a Good Neighbour

Before expecting anything from anyone at your new place, first try and become a good neighbour. It is important to meet with your neighboursand colleagues as soon as you reach your new place as they are the people, with whom you will be spending precious moments in future. Move ahead and introduce yourself and your family. As soon as you will be familiar with the neighbours, as soon will you feel at home?

These are some of the amazing tips to make your nationwide move a complete success.