Artistic Representations of Pregnancy and Birth since the Prehistoric World

Pregnancy and birth have been represented by human beings since pre-historic times in every form of human expression imaginable. By Elaine Carty, MSN, CNM, DSc (hc), CM Introduction Each second, approximately 4.3 births occur throughout the world. Some births bring happiness, others sadness. Many are wanted, many unwanted. Most babies are born into poverty, a[…]

How Forceps Permanently Changed the Way Humans Are Born

Childbirth used to be a terrifying ordeal. But women were surrounded by others – mothers, aunts, sisters – who brought love and experience. But midway through the 19th century, this changed. Introduction Obstetric forceps look like ninja weapons. They come as a pair: 16 inches of solid steel for each hand with curved “blades” that[…]