Let’s Think about “Thinking” Before We Teach “Critical Thinking”

Learning outcomes are tied explicitly to subject matter, but they can also be used to integrate critical thinking goals. By Dr. Elizabeth SticeAssociate Professor of HistoryPalm Beach Atlantic University Advocates for the liberal arts often emphasize their role in fostering critical thinking. But how often do we think critically about how we hope to achieve[…]

Decision-Making Abilities: Tricks to Improve Your Talent

Life is all about making important decisions for your love, career, education, responsibilities, etc. You have to understand the good and bad elements before making a decision. All these things involve lots of stress and pressure. If you want to avoid bad decisions, prepare yourself to understand a situation even in stress. Fortunately, you can[…]

The Art of Thinking in Other People’s Heads

And what is a feuilleton? Introduction The complaint that technology and media have distorted our culture, politics, our very understanding of reality is by now well-worn. They direct us to mere appearances, satisfy (and create) near-narcotic compulsions, splinter communities into defensive cells of mutual incomprehension and disgust, and generally leave us screen-addled and manipulated. These[…]