The Ordeal of Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression

Usually cast as a President defined by his failure to contain the Great Depression, Hoover’s story is far more complex and more interesting. By Richard Norton SmithDirector EmeritusHerbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum By Dr. Timothy WalchPublic HistorianDirector EmeritusHerbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum Few Americans have known greater acclaim or more bitter criticism than[…]

The Political Life of Herbert Hoover

Hoover’s efforts to combat the Great Depression have defined his presidency and his place in American history. By Dr. David E. HamiltonProfessor of HistoryUniversity of Kentucky Introduction Upon accepting the Republican nomination for President in 1928, Herbert Hoover predicted that “We in America today are nearer to the final triumph over poverty than ever before[…]

How Herbert Hoover Skirted Scandal to Win the White House

The public was charmed by his presentation as an antidote to politics, until the Great Depression hit. It was not the craziest election of the 20th Century, but it might have been the strangest. One candidate was a natural politician, affable and gregarious, a true man-of-the-people who favored flashy suits and a trademark derby hat.[…]