Sipping the Feels: Kindness, a Gift Everyone Can Afford to Give

It’s often the small and simple gestures of giving that are very powerful. By Danielle SaundersWriter and Personal Trainer Introduction It’s essential to consider how we can inject kindness into our lives every day. Kindness isn’t something that disappears every other day of the year, but it’s on this day that we remind ourselves of[…]

Sipping the Feels: Racial Justice, Mindfulness, Transformation, and Healing

Mindfulness practice can bring about transformation on different levels. Interview with Rhonda V. Magee, MA, JDProfessor of LawUniversity of Minnesota What Is Systemic Racism? The crisis playing out through the media is only one symptom of a larger system of inequity, which permeates our society and which most white people are not able to see.[…]

Sipping the Feels: Consciousness – A Clarity of Being

It is, at the very least, “the experience of experiencing.” We know consciousness by being conscious. By William WatersAuthorThe Mindful Word Introduction For anyone, having a personal appreciation of their own experience of consciousness seems important, and perhaps it can be a very simple thing. I will take my best shot at it here. There[…]