Some Like It Hot: Sex and the Sauna in Early Modern Sweden

In early modern Sweden bathing was a part of everyday life. There were public and private hot-steam baths, or saunas. Modern iterations of the sauna – and especially the gay sauna – have been highlighted as spaces where societal norms might be transcended and at the same time moral anxiety heightened. What is less recognized today is that the[…]

Emigration Across the Atlantic: Irish, Italians and Swedes Compared, 1800–1950

Examining scale of emigration, the reasons behind emigrants’ departure, the various origins and destinations, and the attitudes in sender and receiver states. Abstract Emigration across the Atlantic by Europeans during the 19th and 20th centuries, and especially during the so-called age of mass European migration from 1850 to 1914, forms a key part of Europe’s recent[…]