The Influences of Islam on Medieval West Africa

Exploring how Islamic faith and culture influenced West African culture. Introduction During the 7th century, the religion of Islam spread quickly through the Middle East and North Africa. In the 8th century, trans-Saharan trade brought Muslim merchants and traders to West Africa. Over the next few hundred years, Islam spread among West Africans. The new[…]

The History and Cultural Legacy of Medieval West Africa

Medieval cultures in West Africa were rich and varied. Introduction West African cultures are quite diverse. Many groups of people, each with its own language and ways of life, have lived in the region of West Africa. From poems and stories to music and visual arts, their cultural achievements have left a lasting mark on[…]

Early Societies in West Africa, 500-1600 CE

Four zones in West Africa are especially important because of their influence on developing civilizations. Introduction For centuries, the people of West Africa had limited contact with lands to the north because travel across the Sahara was very difficult. By the late 700s, however, Arab Muslim traders from North Africa were crossing the Sahara. Trans-Saharan[…]