Nurses and Doctors Treating the Wounded on the Front Lines in World War I

World War One created thousands of casualties from physical wounds, illness, and emotional trauma. Introduction The First World War created thousands of casualties. New weapons such as the machine gun caused unprecedented damage to soldiers’ bodies. This presented new challenges to doctors on both sides in the conflict, as they sought to save their patients’[…]

Supply and Logistics in World War I

With focus on shipping, rail, road and manpower, this explores the logistics behind the management and supply of army resources in World War One. Introduction The First World War was fought with unprecedented volumes of manpower and equipment. Both had to be moved from the heartlands of the belligerent countries and into the campaigning theatres.[…]

Propaganda and World War I: A Memorial to Forgetfulness

This year marked the centennial of the conclusion of the First World War, an anniversary that passed in this country with relatively little notice. Yesterday, my family went to a screening of They Shall Not Grow Old, Peter Jackson’s new World War I documentary, which apparently set records for a cinematic “event” (i.e. a special one- or two-day[…]