Tennessee House Strips $100K from UT Diversity Operations for ‘In God We’ Trust Decals


Micha Van Huss, R-Jonesborough

From Richard Locker at the Knoxville News-Sentinel:

A bill that would strip the University of Tennessee of $100,000 a year in state funding for certain diversity and inclusion operations began advancing in a House subcommittee Tuesday — but on a separate track than a similar effort underway in the state Senate.

House Bill 2248 as originally filed by Rep. Micah Van Huss, R-Johnson City, would strip all state funding from UT’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion. But Van Huss entered the House Education Subcommittee on Tuesday afternoon with an amendment that would take $100,000 a year for the next three years away from UT and use it instead to pay for decals bearing the national motto “In God We Trust” on law enforcement vehicles.


Ayres Hall at the University of Tennessee (MICHAEL PATRICK/NEWS SENTINEL)

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This is what we call “shoving it in our faces”.  These Christian legislators want to take money from a program they don’t like because apparently steps on God’s toes and funnel to decals.  They see their religion as the bestest one in the whole wide world, and they want to spend public dollars to place what they see as the bestest words in the whole wide world on police cars.  And if you don’t like it, well deal with it and let them spend money to feel better about their religion being publicly advanced, it’s your fault for not being part of the bestest religion in the whole wide world.

No doubt they’ll sing and dance and shout, “YAY US!  Yay Jesus!  Take THAT you bad horrible evil sinner type people!  See how much we love the Lord!  He would do this too becau…..well, wait, maybe not, but…YAY US!”