November 24, 2018

Texas Pastor – ‘God Will Not Bless America’ after ‘Godless Democrats’ Win Midterms

Pastor Ed Young, Sr./Screenshot

A Texas pastor is reacting with rage to the result of the midterm elections, in which Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives.

By Martin Cizmar / 11.17.2018

Following the election, Pastor Ed Young said the Democratic Party is “basically godless,” in a rant about the results, reports the Forth Worth Star-Telegram.

The Democratic Party is “some kind of religion that is basically godless,” Young reportedly said.

Young said all Democrats are evil.

“This is represented by every Democrat I know,” he said. “God will not bless America or make us a great nation.”

The Star-Telegram said Young’s comments were not unique.

“The leader of the Houston-based Texas Pastor Council, Republican anti-LGBT rights activist Dave Welch, wrote in a Friday commentary that Young is right — secular Democrats are a ‘godless party’ that embraces legal abortion and ‘moral anarchy,’” the paper reports.

Bob Long, a pastor that leads prayers at the Texas Capitol, said that before the election he had a vision of a demonic attack by “supernatural evil.”

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Originally published by RawStory.